How to Make a Nomination

Head to the 'Awards' tab at the top of the platform. If there are awards that have nominations set up you will see a 'Who Do You Nominate?' view at the top of the awards section. 

Start by first selecting the person you'd like to nominate. When doing so the section will expand with more information to fill out.

Select the Award you'd like to nominate them for and the reason why you'd like to nominate them. 

Don't forget to select 'Nominate'.

Reviewing Nominations

Go to the Awards tab and if you have nominations to review you will see a blue "Review My Nominations" button below the list of awards you give.

When you click "Review My Nominations" you will be taken to a page that shows you all the new nominations that you haven't reviewed.

From this page, you can give the awards, mark the nominations as read, or delete it. You also have filtering capabilities view all other nominations.

You also have a nominations report found under the Insight tab, where you will have all the historical nominations saved.