How to Create an Award with Nominations?

When you are creating or editing an award to have nominations you need to select Yes next to 'Does this award accept nominations?'. See screenshot below.

You then have the option between 'One nomination per award' and 'Multiple nominations per award'.

One nomination per award-- This means that you can only nominate one person per award when users go into nominate other employees.

Multiple nominations per award-- This means that users can submit multiple nominations for the same award.

Reviewing Nominations

Go to the Awards tab and if you have nominations to review you will see a blue "Review My Nominations" button below the list of awards you give.

When you click "Review My Nominations" you will be taken to a page that shows you all the new nominations that you haven't reviewed.

From this page, you can give the awards, mark the nominations as read, or delete it. You also have filtering capabilities view all other nominations.

You also have a nominations report found under the Insight tab, where you will have all the historical nominations saved.