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OrgChart Builder

Accessing the Org Chart Builder

  • Go to the "Insights Tab" on the home page 
  • Then select 'Community and Team'
  • Then select "Org Chart Builder"

Starting a New Org Chart

  • Select "New Chart" on the top right side of the page
  • Note: it is important to select who's team you'd like to see.  You can look at any level of manager but if you really want to focus on a specific team, select the manager they will report to. 
  • You'll then see the current Org Chart in Motivosity 


  • On the bottom right of the page you'll see a key
  • Select "Edit Labels" and put in the months or quarters you are forecasting for
  • Select the single person button while hovering over the person who will have a direct report
  • Select the three person button while hovering over the person who will have multiple new hires in the same role.
  • Add the details of the person who will be hired.  This could include:
    • Names of the people you already have identified to hire
    • "TBH" To Be Hired after you do interviews
    • Include an annual on monthly salary so you know the cost of the new hire
    • You can customize his however you want.
  • After you have completed your OrgChart Design you can name it and save it.  

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