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Using Motivosity for Your Onboarding Program
Using Motivosity for Your Onboarding Program

Want to use Motivosity to help you onboard your new hires? Love it. We've got some ideas to help!

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Using Motivosity = investment in culture... and investment in culture = happier, more productive employees! Use Motivosity to onboard your new employees and connect them faster to coworkers, your culture, and your company!


Most of the suggestions below will rely on having a "New Hires" User Group created. Go to Setup > User Group > + New user Group. We recommend the following:

  • Name: New Hires

  • Description: A list of users who have been here for 60 days or less (or choose any number for how long you'd like to consider an employee as being a "new hire" and in onboarding)

  • Admin Only: We recommend keeping this box unchecked. This will put a "New Hires" tag on the user's profile so other employees will know, but this one is totally up to you!

On the Next page select + New Rule and pick Custom and Next. Use the following formula EXACTLY as typed to create a group of users who have been hired in the last 45 days. (Replace the 45 with any day number you'd like!)

hireDate >= Today - 45d

This will create a user group that automatically updates the membership based on the hire date. We can use this user group in many of the tools described below!

Plan It

Start by asking yourself what things you want your new employees to do. Maybe consider:

  • What things can be done in Motivosity?

  • What items are done outside of Motivosity but with Motivosity support?

  • What items need to be done that won't be in Motivosity at all?

You'll see in the screenshot below some common HR Leader to-dos that can be used as an example of how you might think through this process:

As you know, there are SO many different elements that create a create onboarding experience, so this article will provide you with different ideas on how you can use Motivosity to support your Onboarding program and level up your new employee experience.

What already happens in Motivosity for new employees?

When an employee has first been added to Motivosity, a few things will happen to help them become familiar with their new favorite software (*cough cough* that's Motivosity!):

  • A welcome email will be sent to them with a link to sign in.

  • There will be pop-up windows in Motivosity teaching them the basics of the software, like:

  • Employees will be prompted to fill out their profile, request their ThanksMatters card (as applicable), and download the Motivosity mobile app.

    • As an employee fills out their profile, non-sensitive information about them (like their personal bio, job responsibilities, and interests) will populate on the home feed so others can comment and react.

  • Five days after a new employee's hire date (you can find that on their personal profile), the software will create a "New Hire" post announcing their arrival. The reason we've engineered a delay is to make sure your new employees have enough time to get settled and fill out their profile.

Pro Tip: Make sure you are using the 100% Profile Completion Sweetener to encourage all users to fill out their profiles completely.

Creating a To-Do list for the New Hire

Achievement awards are typically used to incentivize all of your employees to take specific actions (give an employee referral, write glass door review, complete security trainings, etc.) You can also use this feature to create tasks that you need your new hire to do in order to be successfully onboarded. The employee will be able to "Mark Complete" the items in Motivosity (you can even include instructions for the employee, add a link for them to click, require a response or even upload a file as they do this!)

Here are some suggested achievement awards to help with onboarding:

  • Sign up for Benefits

  • Sign up for Payroll

  • Complete Security Certification

  • Meet with the CEO

  • Send HR a Profile Picture

Some things you will want to keep in mind as you create these awards:

  • Make sure you limit these awards to ONLY be visible to the New Hires user group you already created.

  • The frequency should be "One Time."

  • Because these are "to-do" items, you should require a response for these, including instructions for what the employee should include in their response.

    • Examples: upload a signed document or a picture, answer a question, etc.

  • You can include a link when creating an award if you need them to go to a website to complete a task (see the screenshot above to see what that looks like).

  • You will want to decide if you tie dollars to these tasks. Of course this will vary depending on the company, but it might be nice to have users complete these tasks and get some extra spending cash in their account. Here's an idea: once they've earned additional dollars, encourage your employees to purchase company swag items you've added to the Motivosity store!

    • Alternatively, you can add a "gift" (local reward) you've created to be awarded instead of Motivosity Bucks. For example, you can set it up so that the person who completes their security training gets a company-branded hat.

  • You will likely want these awards to be given Privately.

If you have our Manager Development add-on, each manager will also be able to use Motivosity's Priorities tool to create a list of to-do items for their new team members.

Get Them Set Up With Swag and Other Items

You can set up local items in the Motivosity store that are only visible to the New Hires Group. Here are some ideas that may be helpful:

  • Add a variety of company shirts for the new employee to pick from, and they can include their shirt size right as they order it.

  • You can set these special "New Hire" swag items to cost $0, a special discount, OR estimate how many dollars your employees receive by completing the achievement awards for your Onboarding program and set the prices accordingly.

  • You could also similarly create "Local Rewards" that match the different types of technology items they may want to enhance their work station: A monitor, mouse, keyboard, headset, charger, etc. You can set the owner of these items to be the person in charge of your technology so that they are notified directly.

  • Alternatively, if you have our Employee Insights add-on, you can create a Pulse Survey that asks which items they think they will need:

Help New Hires Socialize with Peers

You want your employees to get to know their new coworkers as quickly as possible. A lot of this will happen naturally within Motivosity (see above), but we have a few more ideas for you:

  • As a part of onboarding (this could be one of the Achievement awards as described above) have employees record a quick 30-second introduction video about themselves and post it in Motivosity as a highlight.

  • Once the employee has set up their profile, you can look up their interests and introduce them to the other employees who have the same interests as them.

  • If you are a Motivosity Premium customer, create a new "Private" space for the New Hire User Groups explained at the top of the article. Not only is this a great way to share important documents with the new hires, but you can also schedule events for the new employees to get to know each other.

    • Make sure you show the new employee all of the fun community spaces you have at the company to see if there are any that interest them.

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