Events in a Space

An overview on Events in Spaces.

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*This feature is currently available to customers in our Spaces Beta testing program only.*

Where do I Find Events in a Space?

Events for a space can be found under the Events Tab within a space:

Who can Create an Event?

Admins and Moderators can always create an Event in a space. If an admin has given permission to the members of a space, they will also have the ability to create an event.

How do I Create an Event in a Space?

There are two places where an event can be created:

From the Space Activity Page:

From the Space Event Page:

Once you have selected to create a new event, you will be prompted to fill in the following information:

  • Event Name: Make a clear name so that members of the space know what this event is for.

  • Event Participants: By default all users of the space will be invited to the event. You can toggle it for Invitee's only and specify who you would like to participate:

  • Location: You can set where this event will take place. You can either use a general description like "Downtown Branch" or a specific searchable address.

  • Event Date & Time: Set the specific day and time for the event.

  • Timezone: What Timezone is being used for the day and time specified

  • Feature on the feed on the Event Date: When selected a message will show up on the top of the space's feed advertising the event.

  • Live Stream: You can add a link (google meet, zoom, teams, etc.) if you'd like participants to be able to join the event virtually.

  • Hero Image: Upload an image for the event so it's nicely advertised.

  • Event Details: Write a longer description for what will be taking place in the event so members know if they should or shouldn't be participating.

  • Agenda Items: If this is a meeting-like event you can add agenda items so that participants can really know what to expect.

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