Resources in a Space

An overview of the Resources feature in Spaces

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*This feature is currently available to customers in our Spaces Beta testing program only.*

What are Resources?

Each Space in Motivosity has a Resource Center where you can upload Resources to share with the members of the Space.

Where do I Find Resources?

Resources for a space can be found under the Resources Tab from within a Space:

Who Can Add Resources?

Admins and Moderators can always add a Resource to space. If an Admin has given permission to the members of a space they will also have the ability to create a resource.

How do I Add a Resource?

There are two places where a resource can be added:

From the Space Activity Page:

From the Space Resources Page:

Once you select + New Resource, no matter the resource type, you will be asked to fill in a few fields to make sure the resource is easily findable. To begin you will need to provide:

  • Preview Image: This is just a 600 x 400 pixel image that will be on the "cover" of this image.

  • Title: What is the name of this resource you are adding?

  • Description: Provide a brief description for what information is found in this resource.

  • Tags (Optional): If you want to help employees find the resource more easily through the search feature, throw in a few tags!

Finally, at the top of that window, you will pick which resource type you'd like to add.

  • Adding a File: To add a file you can drag the file into the box or select "Upload File" to select the correct file from your computer's file system.

  • Adding a Link: To add a link, simply copy and paste the link and put it in the right place!

  • Adding an Article: If you choose to add an article, you will see a rich text editor that you can type into (or copy and paste into).

Bookmarking Resources

If you click on the three dots you will have the option to Bookmark that resource. Bookmarking that resource will feature it at the top of the Resources page.

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