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Motivosity Implementation Guide

Welcome to Implementation! This page will guide you through the steps of implementation from start to finish.

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Pro Tip: Bookmark this page until you officially Launch Motivosity with your company!

Before you Start

If an account has been built, you should have gotten an email inviting you to log in. That link expires 24 hours after it is sent, but don't worry! You can always go to, put in your email address, then click "Request One Time Code". We'll send you a 6-digit code that will allow you to log in.

Once you log in, in the main Setup page, you will notice that your account status is PAUSED. This is a good thing! DO NOT flip this switch to "Running" until after you are completely ready to launch with your employees. Being Paused is what allows you to upload your employee information and prepare everything to be set the way you want it. The software will NOT send them any emails until you flip this switch to running.

Phase 1: Getting Started

These are the most important steps of implementation that often take extra time OR require collaboration with other people. We want to get these things started as quickly as possible so we're not scrambling near launch day. Use the video above (with the chapter markers) to help you learn more about each of these crucial steps.

FAQ: Will Employees get an email when I upload their information?

They will NOT! As long as your account is in the "Paused" state, NO EMAILS will go out to your employees. The one exception here is if you make someone an admin, they will get an email welcoming them to log in while your account is paused.

  • Upload Employee Information: Don't worry, they won't get an email while your account is in a "Paused" state. You may also find the links below helpful:

    • Add Other Admins to help you with setup

    • Add Users in Bulk: You can copy and paste your data from your HR system into this spreadsheet to quickly upload that information into the system. Make sure you include yourself and anyone else you've added into the software or this upload will deactivate your account!

  • Pre-Fund your Account so employees will be able to redeem their Motivosity Bucks. This process can take up to 7 days to complete, so DO NOT DELAY. Start this as quickly as possible!

  • Complete your ThanksMatters Verification so your employees will be able to redeem their Motivosity Bucks anywhere Visa is accepted.

    • Note: This step is optional and only available for companies with a US Employer Identification Number (EIN).

  • Integrations: We can integrate with many HR systems (to maintain your employee information), SSO systems (to use the same login and password as your other systems) or Chat (to use Motivosity through Teams or Slack).

Phase 2: Customizing your Programs

Depending on which add-ons you have purchased, there are some decisions to make in terms of how you want Motivosity to run for your employees. Use these links to help you customize Motivosity to meet your needs:

You should be thinking about how you want to Distribute Motivosity Bucks to your employees.

  • Sweeteners - Users can earn awards by engaging with the software

  • Peer to Peer Giving - Allocate dollars to your employees each month to recognize the great things their peers are doing.

  • Spot Bonuses - Allocate dollars to your managers for the calendar year to recognize the great things their team members are doing.

  • Recognition Awards - This is where you can create your department/company awards.

  • Achievement Awards - These can be used to incentivize your employees to take specific actions (like certifications, or employee referral, etc.)

  • Milestones (Birthdays, Work Anniversaries, New Hires) - Let Motivosity take care of rewarding your employees on their birthdays and work anniversaries, or as part of new hire onboarding!

  • External Giving - Create campaigns that allow your users to give Motivosity Bucks to users outside of your organization.

We have some great suggestions on how to put these things all together to help you...

Motivosity Premium: Companies that are part of our Motivosity Premium Beta Program can Create Spaces for your employees to share resources, schedule events, and create posts to share with specific groups of people.

  • Company - Begin with a company space that you can use to house company-wide resources like your employee handbook, benefits guide, reimbursement procedures, company newsletters, CEO blogs, etc.

  • Private - Create a few private spaces that will support your internal programs. Some examples of privates spaces are: Onboarding for New Hires, Space for Managers, Executive Team, Branch-specific, Department-specific, Location-based, etc.

  • Community - A community space is one in which anyone can join. An admin will need to decide who they want to allow to create a community space. Create one or two community spaces that will support your internal programs. Examples include: Health and Wellness, Leadership Development, Book Club, Product Updates, etc.

Employee Insights: If you have this add-on, your MV6 Satisfaction Survey is already built and ready to go out to employees. As those results come in, you will be able to see your eNPS Score. In addition to the MV6 Satisfaction Survey, you will be able to make customized one-off customizable Pulse Surveys anytime.

Manager Development: If you have this add-on, you (as an admin) have the ability to control which tools are available for your managers to use, as well as how all managers will use that tool. Use this Manager Development for Admins Guide to help you get started.

***Interested in using Motivosity to help you with your Health and Wellness Program? Click here to see how you can do that!

Phase 3: Branding

After you have followed the steps above, there are some good ways to promote your company's brand. Consider doing the following:

Phase 4: Preparing for Launch Day

It's a really good idea to prepare your employees for launch day! We have this Shareable Resource Center with Documents, Email Templates, Images and Icons, and Videos and Slide Shows for you to browse as you look for ideas on how to make your launch awesome. You may consider looking at our General FAQ that will be helpful for employees as they jump in.

When you're ready to let all of your employees into the system, go to Setup and flip this switch from "Paused" to "Running" -- we will send out emails to all of your employees inviting them to log in!

Implementation FAQ

If I upload my employee's information now, will they get an email with login information?

Great question! As long as your account is in the "Paused" state, NO EMAILS will go out to your employees. The one exception here is if you make someone an admin, they will get an email welcoming them to log in while your account is paused.

How do I add another admin to help me with Setup?

The Point of Contact (as seen on the Setup > Account Preferences page) is the only person who can edit access levels. That person can add another admin by going to Setup > Team. If the user already exists click on the three dots next to their name and pick Edit User and on the second page you can make the user an Admin, Finance Admin, and/or grant them Confidential Data Access. Click here to see these steps in detail, or click here to learn more about different access levels.

How do I make a user Cash Exempt?

We rarely recommend making your users Cash Exempt, but if there is a reason you need to do that, we can support that. Click here to learn more about the two types of Cash Exempt statuses we offer and how to implement them.

Can I invite a handful of users to log in before I launch to test things out?

You can! If you want someone to have early access (to log in while Paused), there are two ways to do that.

If you go to Setup > Team and click the three dots next to someone's name you'll have the ability to Send Invite. That will send that user a welcome email and allow them to sign in. This is a GREAT option if you want to invite a small group of people to preview the software before your big roll out.

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