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Company Values

Add your company values to appreciations and spot bonuses

Updated over a week ago

One of the benefits of using Motivosity is the ability to emphasize and promote YOUR company values within the platform.

To add your own company values simply click 'Setup' at the top of the page and then Company Values on the left-hand side of the page under the Branding category. Here you are able to add, delete, or edit the company values. Company values are what is selected when someone is giving a recognition (as shown below in the pictures).

Are you struggling to write some meaningful company values? We have some resources to help you out! Take a look at this guide full of suggestions and tips to creating powerful company values.

On the left-hand side put the value name, and then on the right side you are able to put a description of the value. If you would like to delete a value just click the trash right next to the descriptions of each value. You have the option to have up to 8 values, but you do not need to have all 8.

Once you have these values added in, your employees will see them listed every time they send somebody an appreciation. They can also tie their appreciation to one of your values, which will help you see which of your values are being talked about, and which aren't. Below you will see an example of how the values above (Community Now, Independence, Team Spirit, and Transparency) are visible when someone goes to give an appreciation.

Notice that the description of the company value shows up when you hover your mouse over the name of that value.

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