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Giving a Bulk Appreciation

Need to give an appreciation to the company or a group of employees?

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What is a Bulk Appreciation?

A bulk appreciation is a private appreciation that will be given to all active users through a spreadsheet using the company as the giver.

Disclaimer: The amount given IS NOT taken from the uploading admins personal giving balance. Appreciations uploaded in error require manually deletion or the submission of a bulk spending balance adjustment.

How to give a Bulk Appreciation

To give a bulk appreciation as an admin, you can do the following:

First, select your profile picture in the upper right corner of your screen and select "Admin Tools".

Next, on the left side of the page, select "Bulk Appreciation"

From there, you can select the "Template File" button which will download a template file with all your current active users attached with their email address. You can then fill out the template with the amount of the appreciation, a company value, and note to then upload.

Once you are ready to upload your bulk appreciation file, you can use the "Upload File" button to import your file to adjust giving balances to the group of users you've included.

Helpful information: The character limit per appreciation note is 2,000.

Understanding the Bulk Appreciation template:

In the Bulk Appreciation template, each column needs to be filled out for the spreadsheet to upload successfully. Below are helpful tips when filling out each column in the template:

  1. Email - the email needs to match the email used in Motivosity

  2. Amount - the amount needs to be a whole number and not a decimal or cent value

  3. Company Values - this column can remain blank but we give you the ability to apply it to a company value that you have added to the system if desired. If this column remains blank, it will be automatically counted as a 'Just Because' value which is used when someone does not choose a value in the system.

  4. Note - this is for you to add the appreciation description or note that explains why this appreciation is giving to the chosen users.

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