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Bulk Awards & Achievements

Understanding bulk awards and achievements

Updated over a week ago

What is Bulk Awards and Achievements?

The Bulk Awards and Achievements section in Admin Tools allows admins in Motivosity to give recognition and achievement based awards to employees through a bulk import.

Please Note: Before using this tool, you'll need to have at least one Recognition or Achievement based award created previously to use the bulk award functionality.

How do I use Bulk Awards and Achievements?

To use the Bulk Awards and Achievements tool in Admin Tools, please do the following:

First, select your profile picture in the upper right corner and from the dropdown menu, select "Admin Tools".

From this page, select "Bulk Awards and Achievements" on the left side of the page.

From there, you can select the "Template File" button which will download a template file. You can then fill out the template with the email of the employees you would like to give the award to, the award name, the amount you would like to give to each employee when they receive the award, and a note to then upload.

Once you are ready to upload your bulk award file, you can use the "Upload File" button to import your file to give out the awards to the group of users you've included in the file.

You will then get a prompt of a successful upload and to check your email for a confirmation. The group award should now appear on your home feed!

Disclaimer: Awards uploaded in error will need to be manually deleted or a submission of a bulk negative spending adjustment. Awards given will show in the receiving reports as 'awards'. Employees given the same award with the same note in the file will be grouped as a single entry in the company feed when the award is configured as public.

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