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Managing My Awards

Information on managing your created awards

Updated over a week ago


Are you looking for where to manage your awards? Please follow the steps below to get started!

Manage your Awards

  1. Please head to your Motivosity homepage and click the 'Awards' tab at the top.

  2. From the 'Awards' page, you'll scroll down until you see a title named 'Awards I Manage'.

  3. Here, you'll see options of when you last gave the award, the reward amount, gift amount, nominations and if the award is active or inactive.

Add Filter

  1. The 'Filter by' feature on the right-hand side has three options: Active, Inactive, or All.

Actions Column Explained

  1. We'll start by clicking on the three bullet points of an individual award on the 'Actions' column tab.

  2. From here, you can Edit, Show Recent, Bulk Upload (Admins only), and Delete the award! We'll be starting with the 'Edit' action first and this modal will popup to edit the award.

  3. After the 'Edit' action we'll be checking out the 'Show Recent'! 'Show Recent' is an action where you can view the most recent users who've received the award.
    ​Please Note: You can also clear the filter once you're done. The 'Clear Filter' button will be near the left-hand side with the most recent user who's received the award.​

  4. 'Bulk Upload' is an action item for admins only. This'll lead you to the 'Admin Tools' > 'Appreciation' >'Bulk Awards and Achievements'.

Add New Award

  1. Looking to add an award? Head to the 'Awards' page and scroll down to the 'Awards I manage' and click 'Add New Award'.

  2. The 'Add New Award' modal will pop-up and you can start creating your 'Recognition' or 'Achievement' based award!

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