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Giving Appreciations

Understand how to give an appreciation in Motivosity.

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Basic vs Meaningful Appreciation

Did you know that saying, “Thanks for helping me meet Richard Simmons” is totally different than saying “Thank you for walking aimlessly with me through Venice, Italy, and spotting Richard Simmons in a crowd? The highlight of my day was stalking him, meeting him, getting his autograph, and the advice he shared, ‘Love yourself, have a lot of self-worth, and move those buns!’. Best. Work trip. Ever.”

How do I give an appreciation?

To give an appreciation, start by doing the following:

From the Home Feed, start by selecting "Appreciate Someone".

Next, enter the name(s) of people you'd like to appreciate. (Note: you can recognize multiple people at the same time)

Then, enter your note

Select a value that most aligns with why you are appreciating them.

Enter a dollar value you would like to give. (Note: you can give $0).

Please note: When giving an appreciation to multiple people, the dollar amount specified will be given to each person and not divided between them.

Giving from your To Give balance

You can also start an appreciation from your To Give balance on the Home Feed, you can do this by doing the following:

Start by selecting the '>' icon in your To Give balance

Next, this should open the Who Do You Appreciate modal for you to start your appreciation.

Giving from your Spending Balance

Did you know you can give an appreciation from your giving and spending money? Yeah, if you are out of cash to give, you can regift some $$ to keep spreading the love. You also can give an appreciation with $0, so be sure to give, give, give.

After you have gone through all the steps to appreciate someone, don't press 'Send it' just yet! Select "Use my 'spending' money"

Note: You'll be able to see your available balance

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