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Setting Up Your Team

Learn how to add your employees to the Motivosity here.

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What Employee Information Will You Need?

When it comes to adding users, no matter how you do it, you will need the following information:

  • First Name - Users can add a preferred name when they set up their own accounts

  • Last Name

  • Middle Name - Optional

  • Email Address - This should be a work email. This is how users will log in.

  • Hire Date - Should be typed in as MM/DD/YY or MM/DD/YYYY

  • Birthday - Should be typed as MM/DD or MM/DD/YY or MM/DD/YYYY

  • Supervisor Email - Must match the email address associated with that supervisor exactly.

    • NOTE: You will always have at least one person with NO supervisor listed. This is the person who should be at the top of your org chart.

  • Title - A user's job title

  • Department - The department within the company the user is in

  • Country Code - Here is a Country Code List

  • Payroll ID - A number that is UNIQUE to each user. If you don't have official Payroll IDs, you can simply use any unique numbers. We recommend something like 1001, 1002, 1003,... to get started.

  • Cash Exempt - Leave blank unless you want the user CASH EXEMPT. Any text at all will exempt these users from getting money in Motivosity. This is most commonly used for Independent Contractors you have in the system.

  • Action - This is used for Partial Uploads. You should leave it blank otherwise.

Adding a Single User

When using Motivosity to add a new user, simply go to Setup > Team from there you'll see the 'Team' page and click 'Add Team Member'.

Then fill out the information:

Notice that the main Point of Contact (as selected on the Setup > Account Preferences page) can give a user various "Admin" permissions on this page. Descriptions about those permissions are shown on the "Information" panel on the right-hand side of this box, or you could click here to learn more.

Remember that you can allow users to upload (or restrict users from uploading) their own profile picture by going to Setup > Account Preferences and then scrolling down to User Profiles.

Don't forget to select 'Save' at the end!

Bulk Upload: Importing Many Users at Once

In this section we will show you how you can add MANY Users at one time. These instructions talk you through doing a Full Upload. A full upload means that whatever information you include in this upload will be THE information that will show in Motivosity. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • To learn about the difference between a Full Upload and a Partial upload, click here.

  • To learn more about Partial Uploads, click here.

Step 1: Head to your Motivosity instance and click the 'Setup' tab > Click 'Team' > Click 'Bulk User Upload'.

Step 2: A window will appear displaying information regarding the upload of an Org Chart. We recommend downloading the current template for guidance. This'll provide a file that is updated to your specific Motivosity instance.

Step 3: Once downloaded, you'll see a spreadsheet like the example below. Notice that YOUR information (and the information for ANY user you've already added) will already show in this sheet. Remember that there is help about how to fill in these columns at the top of this page

DO NOT move these columns around. Changing these columns will cause problems with your upload and you will get error messages. Please be sure to double check anything that could trip an error and try to match the example below as best as you can.

Depending on the type of contract you have, you MAY see a column titled License Grant. This is for contracts where you may want different users to have access to different products within Motivosity. If this is the case, you can designate those accesses here by adding the following letters in this column: S - Recognize, M - Lead, N - Listen. Notice, this can also (more easily) be managed by going to Setup and finding Licenses in the Connect box.

Step 4: Once the changes you've made are complete, you can go ahead and save then upload the file.

Step 5: A modal will pop-up that it was successfully uploaded and will email a report to you when it is done.

Full Upload vs. Partial Upload

When you do a Full Upload in Motivosity, you are telling the system that the information you are uploading is representative of ALL of the information you want in Motivosity. Basically any user information that existed before this upload will be ignored and replaced with whatever is on the sheet you are uploading now.

A Partial Upload is one in which you are going make several changes to the information that is already there. This can include ADDING several new users (but you don't want to delete any users currently in the system), UPDATING information about a several users that are already in the system, or DELETING several users from the system at a time. With a partial upload, you can even do all of these things at the same time. The section below will show you how to do that.

Partial Upload

A partial upload assumes that you are wanting to add, update, or delete several users at a time. Partial uploads do not need the full upload spreadsheet, but there is no harm in using it. We recommend downloading the current template then only adding/editing rows for users that need to be added, updated, or deleted.

Follow below for steps on how to add, update or delete users!

Step 1: Head to your Motivosity instance and click the 'Setup' tab > Click 'Team' > Click 'Bulk User Upload'.

Step 2: We recommend downloading the current template.

Step 3: The full and current roster of information that already exists in the system will be downloaded to your computer. Open that.

Step 4: Edit that sheet to ADD, UPDATE, or DELETE users all at once. Notice the ACTION column will become very important for this step.

ADDING New Users: Scroll to the bottom of the list that already exists and add the information for any users that you want to add. You will need to ensure you type the word "ADD" into the Action Column so that Motivosity knows that these users are new and you would like to add them.

DELETING Users: To DELETE several users at the same time, find the rows of those users and simply type the word DELETE in the action column. Notice you DO NOT simply delete the row. The row is still there, we are simply adding an Action item.

Be careful! If you are deleting a SUPERVISOR/MANAGER, you will want to UPDATE anyone who reported directly to them (see the example below)

UPDATING Users: To UPDATE information for a bunch of users at the same time, find the rows containing the users you want to update, make the changes you need, and put the word "UPDATE" in the Action column.

Step 5: Select the spreadsheet you'd like and be sure to click 'Partial Upload'.

Step 6: Click 'Process File' and get the 'Success' message!

Example: April Ludgate was fired, so she needs to be deleted. BUT, there were people on her team. There isn't a new manager yet, so we will update the supervisor email for Eugene and Harris now report to Leslie. Also, as luck would have it, Leslie just hired a new employee on her team, so we will add Matt Ty to this sheet too. We will make all of these edits at the same time, then do the Partial Upload.

This is what will happen as a result of this partial upload:



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