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Rewards and Recognition: How to Distribute Dollars to your Employees
Rewards and Recognition: How to Distribute Dollars to your Employees

Distributing dollars to your employees in Motivosity

Updated over a week ago

How to Distribute Dollars to your Employees

There are many different ways that your users will be able to receive dollars to spend in Motivosity depending on how you set up the various Rewards and Recognition Programs in the main Setup page. The video above is an overview, but the pages below will give you greater detail into how all of these programs work:

  • Sweeteners - Users can earn awards by engaging with the software

  • Peer to Peer Giving - Allocate dollars to your employees each month to recognize the great things their peers are doing.

  • Spot Bonuses - Allocate dollars to your managers for the calendar year to recognize the great things their team members are doing.

  • Awards (Recognition and Achievement) - Create Recognition-based and Achievement based awards to help keep moral up and encourage certain activities at your company.

  • Milestones (Birthdays and Work Anniversaries) - Let Motivosity take care of rewarding your employees on their birthdays and work anniversaries.

  • External Giving - Create campaigns that allow your users to give Motivosity Bucks to users outside of your organization.

You will also be able to customize your Motivosity Store to match your brand and meet your needs. Click here to learn more about those options.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for your employees to REDEEM their spending dollars in the real world (either through buying a gift card in the Motivosity Store or with their ThanksMatters Card, you will need to Pre-Fund your account. If you haven't pre-funded your account, their redemptions will be declined.

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