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Sweeteners in Motivosity are a way to promote engagement and encourage users to build good habits

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Sweeteners in Motivosity are a way to promote engagement and encourage users to build good habits. Sweeteners are micro-financial rewards that you can set so that users are incentivized to complete certain tasks in Motivosity. When earned, Sweeteners go to the earner's "To Spend" account. Sweeteners are grouped (and will show) by the products you purchased. Everyone will see the base "Motivosity" sweeteners, and apart from that they will be grouped by the add-ons we offer (Recognition & Rewards, Manager Development, Employee Insights).

Getting Started

To set up these sweeteners, go to Setup > Programs, you will see Sweeteners listed.

At the top of the page you will see an explanation about the purpose of sweeteners, as well as the Estimated Annual Budget (also seen in other pages throughout setup) with a section for Sweeteners added in. As you make choices about which sweeteners you'd like to use, and how much money you'd like to use as an incentive, you can see the financial impact those choices can have on your Estimated Annual Budget.

Remember, this is just an estimate as the number of users in the system will fluctuate throughout the year, and though you are trying to encourage these behaviors, it is possible that users won't earn the sweeteners.

You'll see a button in this section that says "Use recommended amounts for all." This is an opportunity to get started quickly with one click. We've analyzed a number of customers that have seen double the adoption when companies adapt these amounts (or more).

You can also see the recommended amounts beneath each line item. If you do not want to apply recommendations to all, you can still select the ones you like and apply the suggested amount.

Motivosity Sweeteners (For Everyone)

The Sweeteners in this section are available for EVERYONE to use.

  • 100% Profile Completion - A completed profile promotes connectedness between employees. Once a user has filled in 100% of their profile, they will be given this sweetener.

    • Note: This sweetener will only be given once to each user. If a user completes their profile, gets their sweetener, then deletes information and comes back later to re-complete, they will not receive the sweetener again.

  • Downloading the Mobile App - We are so proud of our mobile app, and couldn't be more excited or users to download it and sign in. We believe that the app will increase user engagement. Adding a sweetener here is a great way to encourage users to download the app, which we think will increase their engagement.

    • Note: This sweetener will only be given once to a user. If a user downloads the app, deletes it, and downloads it again, they will only receive the sweetener on the first download, and not on subsequent downloads.

  • Activating the ThanksMatters Card - The ThanksMatters card is the most popular way for users to redeem their Spending Motivosity Bucks. In order to use the ThanksMatters card, a user must activate it first. This Sweetener encourages users to activate their ThanksMatters card.

    • Note: This sweetener will only be given once to a user, and will show up in the Spending Balance once the ThanksMatters card has been activated.

Recognition & Reward Sweetener

*This Sweetener is only available for those users who bought the Recognition & Rewards add on*

We know that gratitude is contagious, but sometimes getting that to spread takes a little nudge. A great way to encourage people to give thanks to each other is by activating this "100% usage of giving amount" Sweetener.

  • 100% Usage of Giving Amount - This Sweetener will go to any user who gives every one of their Giving dollars (as seen in the To Give balance seen on the home screen).

    • Example: if Leslie has $5 to give at the beginning of the month, and there is a $2 Sweetener, she will see $2 added to her Spending balance once she has given all $5 from her Giving balance to other people.

Manager Development Sweeteners

*These Sweeteners are only available for those users who bought the Manager Development add on*

Our Manager Development add on product is how we promote gratitude and connectedness between managers and employees. If you have purchased the Manger Development add on, you will have the ability to give sweeteners to managers and team members for using their management tools. If you have not purchased the Manager Development add on, you will not see these sweeteners listed.

Admins have the ability to turn on/off any of the Manager Development Features (1 on 1s, Priorities, Coaching, Succession Planning, Key Players) in the Setup pages, keep that in mind as you are planning sweeteners. For example, you will not want to add a sweetener to Coaching if the Coaching feature has been turned off.

Sweeteners for Managers

Managers have a lot on their plate, and they may forget to complete some very important tasks that you would like them to complete. Sweeteners encourage Managers to use the tools in Motivosity to effectively guide their team.

  • Completes 1 on 1s - The best way for managers to connect with their team members is to conduct regular 1 on 1s with them. Managers set their own cadence for how often they are meeting with each team member, but this sweetener will be awarded every time a manager has completed a total of 10 1 on 1s (see the note below) with any of their team members.

    • Note: Because Managers set their own schedules for how often they are holding 1 on 1s, and because the number of people reporting to each manager varies widely, this sweetener can only be awarded to each manager once per quarter (for a maximum of 4 times per year).

  • Completes Coaching - Each time a manager completes a coaching session for each of their employees, they can earn a sweetener.

    • Note: The Motivosity Admin for your company sets how frequently those happen (Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annually) so this sweetener can be earned by a manager Monthly/Quarterly/Semi-Annually for each person reporting directly to them.

  • Completes Succession Planning- Each time a manager completes a succession plan for one of their team members, they will receive this sweetener.

    • Note: A manager should be doing a succession plan for each of their employees once a year. So it is limited to being given once a year for each employee that reports directly to them.

  • Completes Key Players - Each time a manager completes a Key Players evaluation for one of their team members, they will receive this sweetener.

    • Note: By default, Key Player evaluations are set to happen once a year during a specific time frame (as seen in Setup > Key Players) but other evaluation periods may have been added by the Motivosity Admin for your company.

Sweeteners for Team Members

Of course employees are asked to do a lot of things by their managers, and sometimes their managers fall short of doing what they are supposed to do. Employee sweeteners are given based on completing priorities assigned to them by their managers, giving feedback on their peers, requesting and completing 1 on 1s, and requesting coaching from their managers.

Note: Each of these Sweeteners can be awarded once per quarter (for a maximum of 4 times per year).

  • Completes Priorities: Priorities are projects or tasks that managers and employees agree should be the top priorities that the employee should be working on. Once an employee has completed 10 priorities, they will be awarded with this sweetener.

  • Requests a 1 on 1: Sometimes employees will need a 1 on 1 in between the regularly scheduled ones, OR if their manager hasn't been diligent about holding the 1 on 1, employees can earn a sweetener by requesting a 1 on 1 with their manager.

  • Completes 1 on 1s: Completing a 1 on 1 is a two-way street! Both the employee and the manager need to participate for a 1 on 1 to be completed. Employees can earn this sweetener by completing 5 different 1 on 1s with their manager.

  • Requesting Coaching: We've all been in a situation where our managers aren't providing the type of in depth coaching we need and want. Employees have the ability to request a coaching session from their manager, and will earn this sweetener by doing so.

  • Gives 360 Feedback for a Peer: As a manager is preparing to coach one of their team members, they have the ability to request that other people provide feedback on how that team member is doing. If someone receives a request to provide feedback on someone else, and gives that feedback, they will earn this sweetener.

    • Note: An employee may even be asked to give 360 Feedback on themselves as a form of self-evaluation leading up to a coaching session with their manager.

Employee Insights Sweeteners

*This Sweetener is only available for those users who bought the Employee Insights add on*

Satisfaction Survey Sweetener

Customers who have purchased our Employee Insights add on will be able to add a sweetener to their Satisfaction Survey in an effort to encourage employees to take that. These surveys are set up in the Setup > Satisfaction Surveys page and are given quarterly, so this sweetener can be earned a maximum of 4 times per year.

Pulse Survey "Sweeteners"

Note, this official "sweetener" is specifically for the Satisfaction Survey. You can also incentivize your employees to take Pulse Surveys by adding Motivosity Bucks to those.

You can incentivize employees to participate in filling out pulse surveys by adding a few Motivosity Bucks to that survey. When creating a pulse survey click on Show More Options:

From there select "Yes" under Should Participants get Motivosity Bucks? and choose how many dollars they should get:

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