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Increasing Mobile App Adoption

If you are looking for ways to promote the mobile app

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Over and over we hear companies tell us that their main goals with Motivosity is to "get users engaged." They want to see healthy login rates and a lot of interaction. We find that by really promoting the Mobile App users can be engaged on-the-go, in the moment they are appreciated or think to share something exciting happening in the moment. Here are our tips to promoting the Mobile App.

Share a Video Highlight from your Phone

We all live in the age where including a picture or video from your phone in an appreciation is MUCH EASIER to do from the phone than it is from your desktop.

Our tip here is to share a highlight by recording a video from your phone while you're on the go. This will emphasize how easy it is to share photos and videos that exist on your phone through the mobile app.

To share a video highlight follow these steps:

  • Click the blue + icon on the bottom of the app

  • Choose Share a Highlight

  • Pick the Gray + icon to add special media

  • Click the Photos Icon

  • Record a Video

Share QR codes and App Download Links

This link ( or the QR code below can be used in your internal communications to guide your employees to the Motivosity app.

Note: This information is always accessible for admins in Motivosity by going to Setup > Mobile App Preview (at the bottom of the page).

We also have the QR Code on these posters you can download and post around the office!

Click on the image to download the document.

Use Sweeteners to Promote App and encourage Push Notifications

You can use the pre-built sweetener to encourage users to download the app. Notice that this sweetener can only be earned if the employee has enabled push notifications for the Motivosity App on their phone.

Below you will see a screenshot of the Setup > Sweeteners page:

One way to promote the mobile app download by increasing the Sweetener temporarily. For example, if you normally have $0 or $1 here, think of bumping the amount to $2 - $5 for one week, then pulling that value back to the original starting value afterwards.

Note: Sweeteners will NOT reward customers retroactively. If someone has already earned the mobile app sweetener, they cannot earn it again.

Send out our Mobile User Guide

We have these two user guides you can download and share with the your employees:

Click the Image to download the document.

Quick Start for Mobile (English)

Quick Start for Mobile (Spanish)

Show our Mobile App video in your next staff meeting

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