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Motivosity Mobile App Overview

Information on the Motivosity Mobile App

Updated over a week ago

Available on iOS and Android devices!

You can download the Motivosity mobile app by going to your App Store and searching for Motivosity.

The sign-in page will look like this. Your username and password are the same as the desktop version. If you have not set up your password yet, you will need to do that first. You can also request a password reset link by clicking the Forgot password button.

Please note: If you use the Mobile App to sign in, you may be required to confirm your authentication that will be sent to the email address you have used to log in. On the confirmation email, you should be able to confirm the login through a simple click of a button!

The mobile app is great for your employees that are on the go or don't have access to a computer! You can send appreciations, post highlights, see the feed, like, comment, redeem gift cards, give awards, edit your profile and search through other profiles.

In the mobile app, you will not have access to the Insight or Setup tab. You will need to access those from the desktop version of Motivosity.

Home page-- The home icon will take you where you can post appreciations and highlights as well as seeing your giving and spending bucks. You will also be able to see your team and direct reports and the last time you thanked them.

Store-- Here is where you can select a gift card you want and buy it. While waiting in line you can buy a gift card, get the code and by the time you are to the front use it!

Awards-- If you have awards to give, this is where you can give them out.

Appreciate-- You will click on this plus symbol to say thanks to someone or share a highlight.

Team-- Here you can see people on your direct team as well as in your department and the greater company.

Notifications-- Where you will see a list of appreciations or mentions or likes that pertain to you.

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