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Slack Integration Setup

A walkthrough how to setup the Slack integration with Motivosity.

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What is the Slack integration with Motivosity?

We LOVE Slack over here at Motivosity. We also love the idea of letting employees see and give appreciations outside of Motivosity. With the Slack Integration, you now have the ability to integrate Motivosity into your main communication channel so no one misses any appreciation coming through Motivosity.

How does the Slack integration work?

When you integrate Motivosity with Slack, you are creating a connector between the two applications. Once the integration is finished you will be able to see all the Appreciations, Highlights, Announcements and Awards that happen in Motivosity post to a specific channel and your users will be able to share Appreciations directly from Slack! Pretty cool, right!?

How do I setup the Slack Integration?

To setup the Slack integration, you'll want to do the following:

First, head over to Setup and then the Integrations page

Now you should see a Slack tile under the list of "Available Applications". Click 'Slack'.

A modal will appear asking for activation. Please click 'Activate'.

Once you've clicked 'Activate' the Integrations page for Slack will appear. Please double check the options to ensure what you'd like integrated. Once done, click "Add to Slack" button.

Next, you'll want to authorize usage and select a chat group where Motivosity appreciations will appear. (Example: #general) We recommend this being a channel that everyone has access to.

Once authorization is complete, mv-Slack will be available to your team!

You should now start to see new Appreciations and Highlights showing in the channel you selected! User will be notified when there are new items shared and when they are specifically mentioned in a post!

Helpful Tips With the Slack Integration

From here, team members can now give Appreciations by typing '/mv' and hitting enter or '/mv Person's Name' (make sure it's the same name that appears in Motivosity) and hitting enter.

After you have hit enter, you should see a pop up that looks like the screenshot below, allowing you to send out appreciations in a similar format to the main app, but with the convenience of not leaving Slack.

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