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Tips for Increasing Leadership Participation
Tips for Increasing Leadership Participation

If you need ideas on how to increase participation from your leadership team, try some of these out!

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If you notice that your leadership participation rate is a little low, we have a few things for you to consider.

Note: The Motivosity Software will label someone as a "leader" if they are in the top 2-levels of the Org Chart and has direct reports.

Share the Data

Leaders love data! Let's make sure that they see how to access the Engagement Dashboard (Insights > Recognition > Engagement) and point out the Average Appreciations (Per Leader) Stat:

Schedule the Engagement Dashboard

You can schedule the Engagement Dashboard to go out to Managers as monthly data scheduled for the 25th day of the month. Focus on Last Login. You can do this by going to Insights > Recognition > Engagement and schedule this report to go to managers using these settings:

Share a video

Depending on how long you've been with Motivosity, it's possible your leadereship team might not know what Motivosity is all about (especially if you're new to the platform.) We have a library of videos you can share with your general employees!

There are two videos that we think are really great to share with the leadership team. Consider sharing either this Increase Employee Morale Video or this Leadership Demo Video in your next executive meeting to help them understand why Motivosity will be important to the company overall.

Highlights, Announcements and Add a Buck

Encourage leaders to post company highlights or use Motivosity to make big company-wide announcements.

While these aren't "appreciations" the hope is that while they log in to share this valuable company information, it may encourage them to log in and send some appreciations of their own! Likely they don't know about the add a buck feature. This allows them to quickly and easily react to appreciations they see on the feed with the click of a button.

Create Department-Specific Awards

As an admin, you can create awards for each leader to give to someone on their team at the end of each month or quarter. Similarly, you could create a "Department Advocate" award to be given to someone outside of the department who has gone above and beyond to help your department out.

By creating the awards and listing the leaders as someone who can give the award, you will be able to help keep the lift as easy as possible and this will create notifications reminding the leader to give the award when it's time.

Setup Spot Bonus Allocations for your Leaders

By allocating Spot Bonus money to the leadership team, this will really unlock the power to give Motivosity Bucks in a more open way. Spot Bonus dollars don't expire monthly (this is an annual allocation that expires on December 31st) and they are meant to be given in larger amounts than the typical $1 or $2 peer to peer appreciation.

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