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Tips for Increasing Employee Appreciations
Tips for Increasing Employee Appreciations

If you want to increase how many users are receiving appreciations, try some of these ideas!

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If you feel like the number of users who have received appreciations lately is a bit low, try some of these tips to get more appreciations flowing.

If you don't know how many users have received an appreciation recently, you can track these for the last 30 and 90 days by going to Insights > Recognition > Engagement. Make sure you check what the timeframe is for the data you're looking at and use the filter button to change as needed.

Check Peer to Peer Settings

We have found that having your Monthly peer-to-peer giving amount amount set between $3 - $5 and your Additional bonus amount per direct report set between $1 - $2 will lead to having the best engagement rates.

Create a "ThanksMatters" Award

You can create a monthly "ThanksMatters" Recognition Award to award the employee who has given the most appreciations in Motivosity. You can see who this person is by going to the Insights > Recognition > Top Givers and Receivers report.

Note: Depending on the frequency of your award and when you are looking this up, you may need to update the filter. For example, if you are giving this award monthly, and you are giving this at the beginning of the new month, you will want to look back at "Last Month"

Schedule Engagement Dashboard

You can schedule the Engagement Dashboard to go out to Managers as monthly data scheduled for the 25th day of the month. Focus on Last Login. You can do this by going to Insights > Recognition > Engagement and schedule this report to go to managers using these settings:

Note: By setting the scheduled report to Run As: Recipient, each manager will see the information on this dashboard for their team (not company wide). This will allow managers to see which users have not logged in yet and encourage them to do so.

Focus each manager's attention on the part of the dashboard that shows what percentage of their team has received an appreciation in the this month.

If they want a list of these users they can click on the numbers in this report (Insights > Recognition > Engagement, make sure they know how to update the filter to show the "Current month") and even send an appreciation from that screen:

Share a Video

Depending on how long you've been with Motivosity, it's possible your employees might not know what Motivosity is all about (especially if you're new to the platform.) We have a library of videos you can share with your employees! Send it in an email or share during your next staff meeting.

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