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Appreciation Trends

Understanding the Appreciation Trends Dashboard

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Appreciation Trends Overview

The 'Appreciation Trends' dashboard is an overview of appreciation rates over time by 'Team Coverage', 'Company Appreciation' and 'Leadership Participation'. Please see below on how each trend line works:

Team Coverage: This is the percentage of people who were recognized by their manager (e.g. a manager with five direct reports who appreciated 1 of them would result to 20%, not 100%) Furthermore, this shows ONLY the average percent of direct reports that managers are giving appreciation to.

Company Appreciation: This is the percentage of people saying thanks (GIVING an appreciation) at the company over time.

Leadership participation: Shows what percentage of the company leadership gave appreciations at all over the last 6 months. Leaders are defined as anyone in the top two levels of the org chart who have direct reports.

Where do I find the 'Appreciation Trends' dashboard?

1. Please click 'Insights' and head to 'Recognition'.

2. From there, click 'Appreciation Trends'.

3. From here, you'll be able to view 'Appreciation Trends'.

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