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Tips for Increasing Login Rates

Here is a list of suggestions for how to increase your login rates

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Are you finding that your login rates aren't quite what you're hoping? Here are some tips to help increase your login rates:

If you don't know what your current login rates are, you can track these for the last 30 and 90 days by going to Insights > Recognition > Engagement:

(Re)Invite These Users

Click the Invite These Users button in the Insights > Recognition > Engagement report to resend a Welcome Email to all of your users who haven't logged in yet.

Check Peer to Peer Settings

We have found that having your Monthly peer-to-peer giving amount amount set between $3 - $5 and your Additional bonus amount per direct report set between $1 - $2 will lead to having the best engagement rates.

"A Hidden Gem" Achievement Award

Create a one-time "A Hidden Gem" achievement award that gives users dollars just by claiming it. Give your employees a teaser that "there's something fun hidden in Motivosity if you can find it!"

Announcements with Call to Comment

Announcements: Prepare a few announcements that could be posted in Motivosity (with push notifications enabled). If you can include a call-to-comment in that announcement, even better!

Schedule Engagement Dashboard

You can schedule the Engagement Dashboard to go out to Managers/Leaders as monthly data scheduled for the 25th day of the month. Focus on Last Login. You can do this by going to Insights > Recognition > Engagement and schedule this report to go to managers using these settings:

Note: By setting the scheduled report to Run As: Recipient, each manager will see the information on this dashboard for their team (not company wide). This will allow managers to see which users have not logged in yet and encourage them to do so.

Focus each manager's attention on the part of the dashboard that shows login rates:

Share a Video

We have a library of videos you can share with your employees! Send it in an email or share during your next staff meeting.

Incorporate your existing programs in Motivosity

Did you know that Motivosity can help you run most of your people programs? We'd love to work with you to help bring those into the software. If you have any of the following programs (or one of your own) reach out to your customer success manager and they'd be happy to help you bring those programs in. If you don't know who your customer success manager is, feel free to email and we'll get you connected.

Sample Programs we can support:

  • Health and Wellness

  • Milestone Rewards or Service Awards

  • Rewards for your customer base

  • Onboarding New Employees

  • Leadership Development

  • Employee of the Month Awards

  • Spot Bonuses

  • Holiday Programs and Contests

  • Any of your ideas!

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