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Using Motivosity to Support your Wellness Program
Using Motivosity to Support your Wellness Program

Would you like to use Motivosity to help run your Wellness Program? We've got some ideas to help!

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Every company runs their health and wellness programs differently. No matter the program, the goal is the same: motivate employees to improve their health. Try implementing this general structure to use Motivosity to encourage your employees in their health journeys.

Plan It

Start by asking yourself exactly what you're trying to encourage your employees to do. Walk more steps? Get 30 minutes of exercise? Participate in a local 5k? Whatever the activity, you want to make sure that the activity is specific and that your employees can provide evidence that they have accomplished it.

Incentivize It

If your employees accomplish the task in front of them, think about what you'd like the reward to be. Perhaps it's some some Motivosity bucks, swag items, or maybe even a gym membership.

Similarly, consider if the task going to be competitive, so only one person can "win"? Can anyone who completes the task be rewarded? Will there be a drawing for all participants? Or maybe a mix of all of those options.

Whatever the answers, creating an Achievement Award that requires a response would be a great way to explain exactly what the task is, provide a place for your employees to claim the award, and advertise what can be gained by completing the task.

Announce It

Employees won't participate in a program they don't know exists! Make an announcement in Motivosity to advertise the challenge and give instructions for what employees should submit their completion. We recommend that you feature ("pin") the announcement to the top of the home feed for 2-3 days, and send a push notification out.

Educate About It

If you are part of our beta Spaces program you can create a Health and Wellness space. Within that space you will be able to...

Communicate It

It's really important to always keep programs like these in the front of their minds. We want encouragement to come from thinking about their goals. Here are some ways that Motivosity can help you do that:

Track It & Report On It

Once the current goal has been completed, make sure you measure how successful the program was. You can use the Insights > Awards and Rewards > Awards Given Summary report (check your filters!) to see how many users were given that award and how much money was given out.

You can use the Insights > Awards and Rewards > Award Details report (check your filters!) to see the notes that were included in the achievement claim.

If you have our Employee Insights add on, we recommend creating a pulse survey to ask how your employees felt about the awards that were just created. Find out if using Motivosity helped incentivize participation, and if they have feedback on how to make things better the next time.

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