Goals as a Manager

Learn how to set and track goals with your direct reports.

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Effectively setting and managing goals as a manager is paramount for achieving organizational success and fostering the professional development of direct reports. Establishing clear, measurable, and realistic goals provides a roadmap for both individual and team performance, ensuring alignment with broader company objectives.

Use this link to learn more about Setting and Tracking Goals.

Goals Setting Worksheet: Need some help setting goals? Use this guide to help you set meaningful goals with your direct reports.

Adding a Goal for a Direct Report

1. Head to your Motivosity home page and click the 'Manage' tab near the top of your web page. From here, you'll want to click the Goals tab and you'll find the page below:

2. On this page we're going to select Andy Dwyer since we'd like to add a goal for him:

3. From here, we're going to add a title, due date and description. Once done click 'Save' and you'll see the below:

4. Congratulations you've added your first goal with a direct report!

Team Goals Attainment Review

1. We'll start in the Manage > Goals Tab > Review Team Goals.

2. Once you've selected 'Review Team Goals' you'll find a page displaying all of your direct report's goals:

3. When you click the edit icon for a direct report's goal you'll be able to edit the goal and view the progress that has been made. This page will be used mainly for when a goal attainment has reached 100%. What you'll be able to update on this page are the following:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Due Date

  • Status

  • Attainment

  • Performance Goal

  • Include in Report

4. If a direct report has completed a goal the manager will be in charge of clicking the 'Approve' button with that goal. Once approved you'll see the below:

5. Once a manager has gone in and approved goals that have been completed they'll be clicking the 'Send Report to HR' button at the end of the reporting period. It's recommended to keep an eye on the next reporting date. Please be sure that the goal has 'Include in Report' checked to appear in the email/PDF sent.

Goal Insights

Managers will have access to their direct team the following reports and dashboards below:

Please Note: Will only show the current reporting period for each dashboard.

Goal Coverage Dashboard

Gain insights into how many of your teams have goals set and how those goals are progressing.

Goal Reporting Dashboard

The goal dashboard will give you insight into how many employees on your team have active goals set. You can also see which goals are past due and which goals are aligned to the manager and the company.

See which managers have submitted their goals for the reporting period.

Goal Summary Details

See a summary of all the goals in your organization.

Submitted Goal Report

Review the goals reported for each reporting period.

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