Goals as an Admin

Allow your managers to set and track goals with their direct reports.

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Users are able to set and track goals for themselves and their team. Goals could be related to individual performance, project milestones, or any other measurable targets. We'll be going over the following:

Use these links to learn more about Setting and Tracking Goals or Goals for Managers.

Setting up Goals

Questions to Consider:

  • Do you want managers to be able to connect their team's goals to their own goals?

  • Do you want managers to report their team member's goals to someone in your company? (Example: Someone in HR or Finance) How frequently?

  • What status labels do you want for users for reporting on completed goals?

1. Please head to Setup > Goals. From here we'll turn on goals near the top right-hand side of the page.

2. After turning it on you'll see the current view below:

3. Congratulations you've turned on goals! Please see below the features that can be updated and turned on.

  • Manager Alignment Function: This will allow managers to link the goals of their direct reports to one of their goals providing goal alignment throughout your organization.

  • Reporting Goals to Human Resources or Finance: This will allow the reporting workflow to be enabled for managers to report employee goal attainment upstream to Human Resources or Finance for compensation conversations.

  • Default Goal Periods: Set the goal period for when managers and employees are required to send a report to HR/Finance for updates.

  • Goal Statuses: All these labels represent different goal completion states.

Goal Setting

Employees will have the ability to set goals to help increase motivation, focus, and transparency on what is being worked on. Managers will be able to see and assist employees in the goal-setting process. Goals are added into your 1 on 1 meeting modal.

Goal Tracking

Each goal will have the ability to track and report the current progress. We also have the ability for employees to report the status of each goal which will invite the manager to participate in any ongoing goal adjustments that need to happen.

Goal Reporting

In order to provide transparency on the progress of each goal there's a goal history, which will show both employees and managers what notes, changes or adjustments were made to the goal during the life of the goal. You will have the ability to show if goals are past due.

Performance Calibration

This is a common practice for Managers, HR and Finance, to calibrate an employee’s performance to then be able to justify bonus allocation or any merit increase. In Insights > Goals you'll find dashboards and reports that will help you get a deeper insight to your organization's goals.

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