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User Management Report

Understanding the User Management Report

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The User Management Report is the best place to get a summarized view of all the users in your company. Here you'll be able to see important information regarding their profile information, ThanksMatters card, access, and others! You also have the ability to edit users' profiles from here.

Navigating the User Management Report

  1. Select 'Insights' on the top banner of the home page.

  2. Click on 'Community and Team'

  3. Choose 'User Management' from the given options

Understanding the User Management Report

Besides the basic profile information from the users, such as Full Name, Title, Email, Department, and Payroll ID, there are other super useful details that we'll help you understand!

'Direct Reports': This will tell you how many people report directly to that user (if applicable).

'Card icon': A check mark here will inform you if the user has an active ThanksMatters Card.

'Regular Admin': The user has admin access.

'Finance Admin': The user has finance admin access to make financial changes.

'Confidential Data': Data Access to all Insights and Reports.

'Actions': Here you'll have quick access to edit a user's profile or to disable them from the platform.

Filtering the Report

  • You can filter by "Country" "User Groups" "Security" "Hierarchy" "Results", user's "Name" and "Department" names. You can do this by selecting the top right filter icon.

  • Select "Update" to show the results you filtered for

  • Selecting "Save as default" will save the filters you have toggled for to open every time you open this report

  • Select "Reset" to clear filter defaults

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