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Scheduling Dashboards and Reports
Scheduling Dashboards and Reports

Here's how you can schedule a dashboard or report to be automatically sent to your email on a specified timeframe.

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Scheduled dashboards and reports take you to a whole new level when it comes to getting the data you need when you need it! It's like wanting your favorite fast food and then realizing it can get delivered to you too! No more getting off your couch and getting dressed!


There are certain reports and dashboards in our 'Insights' page that can be scheduled. To determine if a report or dashboard can be scheduled, please check at the top right corner of the report if there's a 'Clock' icon.

Please Note: When scheduled, this dashboard/report will be emailed as a PDF to the selected recipients.

When you click the 'Clock' icon you will be able to filter the report/dashboard. Once finished, select 'Next'.

Then you can decide the point of view of the report/dashboard and who it will be sent to:

Run As

The 'Run As' functionality will show how you would want this information to be pulled.

Full Data: Show everyone's information.

Recipient: This will pull from the recipients point of view of the specific report you're scheduling (How the recipient would see it in the Insights tab).

Selected User: Select the specific user this report will be viewed from.


Who will this report/dashboard be sent to?

All Leaders: Everybody in the top two levels of the org chart that have direct reports.

All Managers: Anyone with a direct report.

Specific People: This scheduled report will only send to the selected users.

Please Note: A recipient who does not have access to a certain report will not be able to view the scheduled report. They will receive a message/email stating: 'Cannot be delivered due to current security settings'. This refers to the access level the user has (For ex: Admin, Finance Admin, Data Access, Leader, or Manager). If they do not have access to view such information in Insights, they will not be able to view the scheduled report.


you can choose the frequency of the report/dashboard. You can also rename the report and even add a little description in case you'd like to add a little note with the report/dashboard.

That's it! You should be able to save and the report will send depending on your frequency.

Receiving Your Scheduled Email Report/Dashboard

You will get an email of the scheduled report from and it will look something like this:

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