1 on 1 Overview Dashboard

The 1 on 1 Overview Dashboard is one way to track how frequently your your managers are holding their 1 on 1s.

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To find the 1 on 1 Overview Dashboard go to Insights > Manager > 1 on 1 Overview.

All data here is a company view for leaders and admins. Managers will see their downstream.

Company 1 on 1s

This panel shows the total number of 1 on 1s held in the company. You also get a percentage view in the top right corner. The second panel is the average interval for scheduled 1 on 1s per person locked to a rolling 90-day view.

1 on 1 Coverage

This panel shows defaulted by department group is the % of people in that group that had at least one 1 on 1 in the selected period.

1 on 1's by Week Day

This panel shows a breakdown of 1 on 1's by weekday for the selected time period.

Six Month 1 on 1 Coverage

This panel shows a trend of the overall coverage by month for the previous six months.

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