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The Survey Overview Dashboard

Understanding the Survey Overview Dashboard

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Understanding the Survey Overview Dashboard

The Survey Overview Dashboard shows a summary of all Pulse Surveys taken in the defaulted date range of the 'Last 90 days'. Each tile provides different information related to all the surveys, Most popular, participants, history, and responses.

The Survey Overview Widget

This widget shows the total number of surveys created in the date range selected and the total amount of responses received across all surveys created.

The Most Popular Surveys Widget

The Most Popular Surveys widget shows all the surveys that were created during the date range selected. This also shows who created it, the number of responses to date, and the expiration date of the survey.

The Survey Participants Widget

The Survey Participants widget shows survey participants based on the department and how many have taken the survey. The 'Group By' filter can be updated based on Department, Country, or Custom Fields that have been enabled to be grouped.

The Survey History Widget

The Survey History widget shows the survey history of surveys created between Managers and Admins in Motivosity.

  1. Managers - These are surveys created by managers in Motivosity.

  2. Company Wide - These are surveys created by all admins in Motivosity.

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