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Ensuring Anonymity in MV6 Surveys: How Motivosity Protects Your Response
Ensuring Anonymity in MV6 Surveys: How Motivosity Protects Your Response

Read how Motivosity safeguards employee anonymity in how it collects survey data.

Updated over a week ago

At Motivosity, we prioritize your employees' privacy when it comes to MV6 employee satisfaction surveys. We employ multiple measures to keep your survey responses anonymous. In this article, we'll highlight our key steps to ensure your data remains confidential.

1. Hidden Small Departments:

Our MV6 dashboard automatically conceals departments with three or fewer employees from managers and administrators. This prevents inadvertent disclosure of individual respondents in smaller teams, preserving anonymity.

2. Exclusion in Raw Data Downloads:

When you download raw survey data, we exclude managers and departments with fewer than three employees. This eliminates the risk of identifying respondents in smaller teams, reinforcing data confidentiality.

3. Anonymous Response Fields with a Privacy Note:

For larger departments and managers overseeing three or more employees, raw responses in the anonymous response field are visible. However, it's essential to note that if someone includes personally identifiable information in this field, it will be visible in the raw data when downloaded by an admin or manager. This maintains transparency while reminding users to avoid sharing personal details, ensuring valuable insights without compromising confidentiality.


Motivosity is dedicated to safeguarding the anonymity of your MV6 surveys. Our platform's measures, from hiding small departments to excluding them in raw data, guarantee the protection of your employees' identities. You can confidently gather feedback, knowing that Motivosity respects and maintains the privacy of your workforce. Remember, it's crucial to keep the anonymous response field free of personally identifiable information to ensure complete confidentiality.

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