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MV6 Satisfaction Survey Setup

For setting up MV6 Satisfaction Surveys in Motivosity

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*This feature is only available to customers with the Employee Insights add on*

MV6 Satisfaction Survey Overview

Satisfaction Surveys are a great way to take the pulse of employee satisfaction at work. The survey that is set up on this page will be anonymous* and will be delivered to employees once every three months. Once employees start taking this survey, we strongly discourage editing the survey because then you will not be able to measure trends for the data that has been collected.

*Surveys are anonymous, but are linked to supervisors and departments. When the surveys are active, you will be giving insights into:

  1. Employee satisfaction trends by questions

  2. Employee satisfaction trends by department

  3. Employee satisfaction trends by manager

If you would like to see how to make any other kind of survey (we call them Pulse Surveys) Click Here.

One great way to motivate people to take their satisfaction survey is to actually tie a Sweetener to it. A sweetener is money that goes to the survey-takers "To Spend" account. To learn more about how to do this, Click Here.

Survey Activation

You can activate or deactivate Satisfaction Surveys. Activated Satisfaction Surveys will be delivered to employees every three months. When deactivated, Satisfaction Surveys will not be sent out at all. You can toggle this setting here:

If you would like to cancel the ongoing surveys just click 'Disable Surveys' underneath 'Survey Activation'. After you do this a pop up will come up and ask if you are sure about disabling surveys. If you do decide to continue and disable surveys, you will lose all past survey data as well as Benchmarking service and the Employee Satisfaction dashboard.

Standard Survey Questions

You will have the option to use our standard 6-question Satisfaction Survey, or to use your own questions. You can make that decision here:

We recommend using our Standard Survey Questions because they all have benchmark data tied to them. This way you can see how your company compares to industry standards. The results of the 5th question "I tell my friends they should work here" is used to generate an eNPS score (Employee Net Promoter Score).

Custom Survey Questions

You can customize the survey to use your own questions. Feel free to replicate any from our set of Standard Survey Questions, or create your own. Once you click "Use Custom Questions" you will be prompted to write your own question. Remember to phrase your questions so they can be answered with an Agree / Disagree scale.

Note: You are limited to 6 custom Satisfaction Survey questions.

After you type one question, you can hit 'tab' or click on the screen in an empty space. Doing this will generate a field for another question. Here is an example of a Custom Survey being created that has two questions so far:

Once your questions have been written, you can pick ONE question that will be used to represent your eNPS score.

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