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Coaching Setup

For setting up Coachings in Motivosity

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*This feature is only available to customers with the Manager Development add-on on*

Coaching Overview

The Coaching feature will nudge and guide managers as they provide coaching to their team members. This is a pretty large feature and can cover a lot of ground. This article will show you what options you have on the setup side of things, and how that will affect what managers see as they coach their team members. For more information on how managers will use this feature to provide coaching, click here.

One great way to incentivize that coaching get completed is by offering a Sweetener. You can create a sweetener for managers each time they complete a coaching session, or for any employee who requests a coaching session take place. Click here to learn more about how Sweeteners work and how to set them up.

Questions to Consider:

  • How frequently do you want your managers to be providing coaching (formal written feedback) to their employees?

  • Which categories should managers use to help guide their written feedback?

    • Keep in mind that these should be general because all managers will be using the same categories.

  • Do you want managers to rate their employees on the chosen categories?

  • Do you want managers and employees to pick from a set of strengths and add it to their profiles?

    • Managers often use these strengths as they write their feedback, making sure to focus on the strengths of the employee.

Coaching Status

When the feedback status is "off," no Coaching reminders are sent, no monthly data is collected, and nothing will be visible to employees. When you toggle the status to "on" managers will then see "Coaching" appear on their banner under "Manage".


You can select the frequency in which managers will be notified that they should be providing coaching to their direct reports. You can choose for those nudges to happen Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually and Annually.


The two key areas we suggest you base your coaching conversations around include "Job Results" and "Values Fit." You can customize the names of these labels, but are limited to 25 characters. You can edit these categories, delete them (by clicking the trash can on the same row) or add new categories (by clicking on the big blue + sign).

*Make sure the Categories you want visible are checked! (Next to the little trash can)

These categories show up on a manager's coaching page like this:

Help Text

There is also a place for you to add some text in order to help guide your managers in their coaching.

That text is visible to the managers when they click on the small "i" icon that shows up next to the Job Results box (or whatever the first box is if you've changed that first category).


Ratings are option or required based on how your configuration. You also can select if you want a 3 or 5 point scale. The labels for these scales can be customized as well. This 3 or 5 point scale will show up beneath each category so team members can be rated along with the written feedback.

If you switch from a 5 point scale to a 3 point scale, the ratings will be adjusted as follows.

If switching from a 3 point scale to a 5 point scale, the ratings will be adjusted as follows.

You can see how the Coaching page has been changed to add the 3 point scale:


Creating a standard list of strengths will help managers and employees identify and endorse workplace strengths.

You can choose between three different strength models: company model, Clifton Strengths model, and VIA Strengths model.

Within the strengths breakdown, you can view all strengths in your company, along with the number of employees that identify with that strength.

By clicking on the specific strength, you can also see each employee that identifies with that strength.

These show up on the coaching screen here:

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