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Priorities Setup

For setting up Priorities in Motivosity

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*Available for customers with the Manager Development add on only*


Priorities are the most important tasks that a manager has given to someone on their team. These are the things that the manager will follow up on with that team member each time they have a 1 on 1. Managers will be able to create these priorities during a 1 on 1, OR they can manage the priorities for all of their team members on their own Priorities page.

This page will show you what options you have on this setup page, and will show you how those choices will show up for managers on their pages. If you would like to learn more about Priorities and how managers can use them, click here.

One great way to incentivize completing priorities is to offer a Sweetener for any employee who completes 10 priorities in a quarter. Click here to learn more about how Sweeteners work and how to set them up.

Questions to Consider:

  • Would you like your managers and employees to be able to create "to do" lists?

  • What status labels would you like employees to use when closing a priority.

Priorities Status

When the feedback status is "off," all user interface elements of Priorities are hidden. When you toggle the status to "on" managers will then see "Priorities" appear in the section of their Manager tab, and users will see a list of priorities on their home screen.


You can create your own custom outcomes to understand the impact of people's efforts. Create as many outcomes as you want for your managers to organize and label their priorities. The 'Coaching' description will help your managers understand the reasoning behind each outcome label you create.

They will be shown to select when checking off a priority for an employee. Here you can see that both Andy and Leslie can mark "Help April with the summer catalog" as either Complete or Abandoned.

Notice that you can edit, delete (by click on the trash can), or add (by clicking "Add a New Outcome") outcomes to match your needs. You can even change the colors associated with those outcomes by clicking on the colored circle.

If you decide an outcome, you will need to select which outcome you would like as a replacement for any priorities that have already been marked.


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