Setting Up Coaching

This guide will help you set up your coaching initiatives

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Setting Up Coaching


Every company is different in the way they track feedback and coaching for their employees. As a Motivosity Administrator, you'll have the ability to customize the Coaching experience for your managers to fit your company needs. Let's go ahead and get started!

Getting Started

First off, you'll have the option to toggle the Coaching feature ON or OFF according to how you would like to use it within your environment. We leave this on by default, so if you would like to switch this off, go ahead and select the toggle and it should switch the feature off!


How frequently will your company expect its managers to provide coaching to their direct reports? You'll have the option to set the frequency to monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. By default this is set to quarterly.

Categories for Coaching

Category Labels and Placeholder Text

By default, we have set the two categories to Job Results and Values Fit. These can be removed or you can also add in your own labels as well by selecting the blue '+' button.

The placeholder text is helpful to let your managers know what each label is for. You can keep this at the default text or add in your own as well.

Tips and Tricks: Don't want to remove a label completely? You can use the "checkmark" icon on the right-hand side to hide the label if you don't want to use it.

Help Text

The Help Text will show up in a information ("i") icon in the Coaching tab. This is located next to the Job Result label. You'll use this text to help explain to managers the different coaching categories you set above.


Ratings are totally optional! This can be toggled ON or OFF as well. Ratings are available for each category you set in the previous step.

Please Note: You can require ratings on every feedback session for your managers.

You'll also have the option to choose a 3 or 5 point scale. Depending on which option you choose, you will then enter in the rating scale that you would like your managers to fill out.


Strengths are optional as well! You'll have the option to choose from three different strength suggestions which are the following:

  1. Company Model - This is a list of strengths that your company can chose and enter. After, employees and managers can select from this list within the appropriate sections where strengths are supported.

  2. Clifton Strengths Model - This option enables the specific 34 strengths with the Clifton Strengths Model.

  3. VIA Strengths Model - This option enables the specific 24 strengths with the VIA Strengths Model.

Side Note: All of the numbers you see in the small blue section in each strength will show what strengths have already been added during Coaching Sessions!

The Sweetener! Probably our favorite feature and soon to be your managers favorite feature in Motivosity as well! The Sweetener will allow you to give a dollar amount to your managers when they provide feedback to one of their direct reports. You have the ability to adjust this amount as needed or keep it at 0 as well.


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