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Understanding eNPS

Once the eNPS Survey responses roll out you'll want to understand how to read the results...

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Finding eNPS Results

To see the results of your Satisfaction Survey you can go to Insights > eNPS & Satisfaction > Employee Satisfaction.

Below is an example of what the standard survey will look like when users take it. Users can make anonymous comments at the bottom of the survey. In the 'Satisfaction Surveys' report, you can review specific comments coming from surveys. The surveys are still anonymous, but department and country information is still available.

Understanding eNPS Results

The Results of Satisfaction Surveys (or pulse surveys with 1-10 answers) are based on a Net Promoter Score. eNPS, or 'Employee NPS' is a well-researched method that measures employee loyalty. The surveys are based on a 10-point scale that will put employees into three categories: Promoters(9 or 10), Passives(7 or 8), or Detractors(6 and below).

The MV6 Survey dashboard will show the percentage of promoters, passives, and detractors there are for each survey question as well as highlighting your eNPS question with a star icon. You will also see the percentages over the past four quarters if you click the 'Year Trends' near the right hand side of the dashboard. A green number means that you improved over the last quarter, not the benchmark. Likewise, a red number means your percentage is worse than in the previous quarter. The benchmark numbers are based on industry benchmark numbers from a plethora of sources.

This dashboard is available to managers , but it will only display data for themselves and everyone beneath them. Leaders, those with direct reports in the top 2 tiers of the org chart, will have full access to all the company data for eNPS.

The MV6 Survey dashboard will also highlight the number and percentage of users that have completed the survey. This is also narrowed to participation by the department. If you head to the 'Participation' box you may hover over each department and it will show you the amount of users per department that have taken the survey:

Finding eNPS Trends by Department

After you take a look at your company eNPS, the next thing to do is to dive deeper. You actually can look at eNPS by the department, see trends in that department, and compare that to satisfaction survey results. Pretty cool right?!

  1. Head to the 'Insights' and click on 'eNPS and Satisfaction'.


  2. Click on 'Employee Satisfaction' or 'More Details' on the right hand side.


  3. Scroll down to the 'MV6 Survey Dashboard' and click on the eNPS Question.


  4. From here, a modal will pop up showing the eNPS trend per department and you can hover over each bar to view the group breakdown.

If you have any further questions regarding eNPS you can reach out to our Motivosity support team by clicking here.

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