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The eNPS Heatmap Dashboard

Understanding the eNPS Heatmap Dashboard

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Understanding the eNPS Heatmap Dashboard

The eNPS Heatmap dashboard gives you the eNPS per manager within your Motivosity organization. A manager defined in Motivosity is anyone who has at least one direct report in your org chart.

What managers are visible in the eNPS Heatmap Dashboard?

In the eNPS Dashboard, you will only see managers who have 3 or more direct reports. This is to maintain confidentiality and anonymity. For example, If "Mark" (in the example below) only had 1 direct report he would not show up. If they were included, it would be obvious that his one direct report is who gave the -60 to -20 eNPS score.

How is the data in the eNPS Heatmap Dashboard populated?

The data in the eNPS Dashboard is pulling from the eNPS trend data from your MV6 Satisfaction Survey or your custom Satisfaction Survey based on your eNPS question. Assuming you are looking at the current quarter, the dashboard would be the current quarters worth of 90 day snapshots.

How does the eNPS Heatmap Work?

The eNPS Heatmap Dashboard work by calculating eNPS scores based on where a manager is at in the org chart and their downstream organization. From example, Leslie's score (in the example above) is not determined only by her direct reports. Everyone in the organization below her is building toward her overall score (see below). This view can be found in Insights > Community and Team > Dashboards > Org Chart Builder

That means that April as a manager with 3 direct reports is building toward Leslies's score. Leslies score builds toward Ron's score (in the example above). Basically anyone in the organization below you is building toward that manager eNPS. We want to facilitate conversation with the manager of, "Something under your realm of control is going on. How can we help create a better employee experience for those people?".

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