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Engagement Dashboard

Viewing and Understanding the Engagement Dashboard

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The Engagement Dashboard allows you to gain a quick pulse on how your company or team is doing with the Motivosity platform. This dashboard will help streamline how people are using Motivosity and provide the data you need to keep everyone engaged!

Navigating to the Engagement Dashboard

To access this dashboard you'll do the following:

  1. Open Motivosity

  2. Select 'Insights'

  3. Select 'Recognition'

  4. Select 'Engagement'

Note: You might notice values are colored differently. Bright blue values are where your team or company is doing very well while red indicates an area that could use some work. Darker blue values are good, but could also use some help. You can always get in touch with your customer success coach to brainstorm things you can do to bring those numbers up!

Appreciation Insights

This area of the dashboard gives you insight into everything regarding appreciations in Motivosity. You can click on each tile to receive more details and a summary of each number.

Users Who Need Thanks

Want to know who is not receiving appreciations in Motivosity? This area of the dashboard will help with that!

Tips and Tricks: By clicking on these tiles you'll be taken to the Appreciation Summary report which will allow you to "Say Thanks" to these users for the amazing things they do within your organization.

Last Log In

Here you can see who has and hasn't logged into Motivosity. If you have users who haven't ever logged in, you can easily send them an invite by clicking on the red "Invite These Users" button.

Tips and Tricks: Want to filter who hasn't logged in? Go ahead and select the gear in this section and it will switch between those who have never logged in and those who have.

Meaningful Appreciations

Meaningful appreciations are chosen based on length, comments, influence score, the sentiment of the giver, and other factors. You can click on each of these tiles to find more information on the amazing appreciations being shared in Motivosity.

Appreciations Per Person By Group

This shows the average appreciations per person by department. You can filter this graph specifically by department or country.

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