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Inviting Your Employees to Login

Inviting users who have never logged in to Motivosity

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Have you ever wanted to send a little nudge to invite someone to login to Motivosity? This article will help walk you through how to do that using the Engagement Dashboard!

Getting Started

To start inviting your employees to sign in to Motivosity, you'll want to do the following:

  1. Head over to "Insights"

  2. Select "Recognition"

  3. Find and select the "Engagement" dashboard

From here, you will see a "Last Login" widget. Here you can see who has or has not logged into Motivosity.

Inviting Employees to Login

This is where you can easily view your employees who haven't ever logged in, or who haven't logged in for awhile. You can invite those users who have never logged in from here. You can do this by clicking on the red "Invite These Users" button as shown below!

By selecting this option, it will send an invite out to all users who have not logged in.

Viewing Who Hasn't Logged In

If you would also like to specifically see who has or has not logged in, you can do this as well by selecting the tile in the "Last Login" widget:

This will take you to the "Login Details" report where you can see specifically who has or has not logged in and the dates of their last login.


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