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Introducing Motivosity to your team
Introducing Motivosity to your team

Here are some things you should know when launching Motivosity around communications to your team

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Email Template

Feel free to adjust or add anything to this email. This is a template to help you get started! You can also find more examples in the Shareable Resources section of our help site.

Subject: Introducing Motivosity

Dear team,

As mentioned in the all-hands meeting, the best thing about working here is the people we get to work with.

Things are about to get even better!

You will receive an invitation to Motivosity on Monday. When you get that invitation, please log in, fill out your profile, and say thanks to someone.

Motivosity is how you can:

  • Say thanks to people around who you appreciate

  • Reinforce our company values

  • Figure out who is responsible for what around here

  • Connect with your community here through interest groups

At the beginning of each month, you will receive $5. The Motivosity bucks will expire at the end of the month and will be refreshed with $5 more every month. This money is for you to give out as you see fit.

If you have any questions about the system, check out our 100+ videos/articles at If you are still stuck email or reach out to me.

We appreciate all you do and hope that you see Motivosity as an effective way for us to show that thanks matters.


What does their Welcome Email look like?

Here is what they will receive via email when they get added to the platform.

Did you know you can customize the Welcome Email too?

You can now tailor the 'Welcome Email' and customize the welcome message! For more information click here.

A 5-day delay welcome post for New Hires in Motivosity!

If you add a new user to Motivosity today, a 'New Hire' post inside Motivosity won't populate for another 5 days. This gives the employee and yourself time to prepare whatever you'd like beforehand!

A few tips on helping new hires have a great first Motivosity Experience!

We want your employees to have the best experience when first logging into Motivosity. So we want to also help you with some tips and tricks that will instantly make them feel welcome and apart of the team! Here are some suggestions to help create the best experience for them:

  • Discuss Mv during their new hire orientation - this will have them prepared and aware of what Motivosity is and the fundamentals of how it works when they receive their welcome email to log in.

  • Have their manager give them an appreciation on week 1 - an appreciation from their manager welcoming them to the team and giving them a shoutout on their first week is the best way to get them involved from week 1.

  • Share some recent team highlights with them - Send them some recent highlights from their team. This will get them familiar with what has been going on recently and make them feel connected sooner!

  • Check out their personality assessment of their team - have them go fill out their personality test in Motivostiy and then go check out their team's assessments to compare and contrast how they can work with their team better from the start.

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