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Using Motivosity Internationally
Using Motivosity Internationally

Motivosity for International users

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We are proud to offer Motivosity use and support to users across the globe, with international support for over 238 countries! Each country does have local currency conversion from USD available to them, as well as a selection of local e-gift cards which can be selected and purchased from Motivosity's Store. This article will go over how to set a user's country of residence, how local currency conversion works, where to find e-gift card options for countries, and more!

Updating a User's Country of Residence

Please Note: This action can only done by a user with administrative rights in Motivosity. If you need your country updated on your profile and do not have admin rights, please reach out to your company's primary admin or to your HR department for assistance with determining who can make this update for you.

For a single user update:

  • Navigate to the Setup > Team page in Motivosity.

  • Using the page's search bar, look up the profile information of the user you are updating.

  • Select the three dots to the right of the user's info to find the 'Edit' button.

  • On the second page of settings, you should be able to find the Country field right next to the field for the user's phone number.

  • Once set, click through the last page of profile settings to find the 'Save' button to finalize this update.

For a group or bulk user update:

  • From the Setup > Team page in Motivosity, select the 'Bulk User Upload' button to find and download a template of all users in your organization.

  • In the spreadsheet that you have downloaded, update the 'Country' column for users with the appropriate three-letter country code for their location. A list of all available country codes can be found in this Help Center article.

  • For any users having their country updated, make sure to include the word "UPDATE" (in all caps) in the 'Action' column for that user as well.

  • Once finished with the spreadsheet, you can save it and return to the Bulk User Upload window on the Team page.

  • From here, upload the newly edited document and process it as a Partial Upload. This will allow for the updates to take place for the edited users and will indicate that only users with "UPDATE" in the 'Action' column should be affected.

  • Once the document finishes processing, all included users should be able to find their country of residence updated on their profiles.

Local Currency Conversion - How It Works

All interactions with Motivosity Bucks within the platform are standardized to USD (1 Motivosity Buck = $1 USD), however international users will automatically have their Motivosity Bucks converted to their local currency at the time of a purchase from their account.

When an international user receives Motivosity Bucks into their Spending Balance, they'll be able to see a live conversion from USD right next to where their current balance is shown:

These conversion rates are updated on a daily basis as well, so you should always be receiving the most accurate currency rates for your country!

Additionally, your purchases for e-gift cards in the Motivosity Store will also be converted to your local currency at the time of the purchase. Some e-gift cards allow for you to input the amount that you would like to purchase the card for (such as the Amazon card example shown below), in which case you would input the USD amount for the card and the local equivalent that you will receive will be displayed below, and some cards come with pre-set amounts for the card in your currency (such as the iTunes card shown below) which will also show the equivalent in USD that will be removed from your Spending Balance.


International E-Gift Card Selection

Please Note: This action can only done by a user with administrative rights in Motivosity. If you find that e-gift card options are not turned on for your country and do not have admin rights, please reach out to your company's primary admin or to your HR department for assistance with determining who can help to turn these e-gift card options on.

Motivosity offers a large array of e-gift cards for users to select from and purchase from the Store page on their accounts. These e-gift cards do differ by region as well, so all users should be able to find local options available to them!

All of the e-gift cards available for purchase through Motivosity are supplied by a third-party retailer called Tango Rewards. Tango's e-gift card catalogue is sent through Motivosity and shown on the Store page for users to browse through, and all available e-gift cards can also be either enabled or disabled by administrative users from your company.

In order to see what cards are currently enabled by region, you can head right to the Setup > Store page in Motivosity and then select the 'Manage E-Gift Cards' button. This will bring you to an interactive catalogue page where all possible cards are shown and can be either selected or deselected. As soon as a card has been selected from this catalogue, it will immediately become available to users for the given country. The selected country can also be changed from the dropdown bar in the upper right corner of this page to adjust the e-gift cards for any international users.

ThanksMatters Card Use for International Users

Motivosity is excited to offer the ThanksMatters Visa card to our customers who qualify for the program as a way to easily access and spend the Motivosity Bucks that you have earned even outside of the platform! The ThanksMatters card is a unique Visa card that can be requested by individual users of Motivosity, and it comes connected directly to your spending balance so that you can spend your bucks through the card with any merchant that accepts Visa.

For any companies that have an official corporate presence within the United States and have completed their KYB (Know Your Business) verification process with our supporting bank, their users have the ability to request and use a ThanksMatters card, and this option extends to any international users with these companies as well!

International users have the option to request that a virtual version of the ThanksMatters card is issued to their account, and that virtual card can be accessed and used for anything from online purchases to even adding to a smartphone's digital wallet for many tap-to-pay services. While there are physical versions of the ThanksMatters card available as well, these are currently only available to users located within the United States and Canada, so any users that reside outside of these two countries will have only the virtual card option available to them. Motivosity is actively looking forward to the day when this physical card option can extend to more international companies however, as soon as shipping capabilities and federal banking regulations allow for such an expansion!

To access and begin using a virtual ThanksMatters card that has been requested to your account, we would recommend looking through our other Help Center articles on Accessing Your Virtual ThanksMatters Card as well as Adding Your ThanksMatters Card to a Digital Wallet.


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