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Succession Planning Dashboard

Use this dashboard to see how you might move people up in your organization.

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Once managers have submitted a succession plan, data should start to populate in your Succession Plan dashboard. The default period is the most recent completed plan period. If there isn't one, then the default period is the upcoming plan period. If this is the case, there may not be as much data.

Navigate to the Succession Planning Dashboard by visiting Insights > Manager > Dashboards > Succession Planning.

Succession Plan Overview

The data here will come from submitted plans and show the percentage of managers that have someone on their team who has an 'Active' plan vs how many don't.

Individuals from Plans

This will look at the number of individuals in plans instead of the number of teams. This shows how many individuals have Active Plan ratings, how many have No Active Plan ratings, and how many are not rated.

Succession Ratings

This will show the breakdown of the number of people across the company by rating.

Groups with Active Plan Members

This shows what percentage of groups have members with an 'Active Plan' rating. The default grouping is Department, but this could be a custom field, country, etc.

Top Succession Chains

This widget shows you where succession plans are in progress or complete downstream through the organization. By default you will see the succession chain from yourself, or you can select a downstream manager to view as well.


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