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Succession Planning Setup

Help your managers answer the question, "If I wasn't here, who would take my place?"

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*This feature is only available to customers with the Manager Development add-on on*

Succession Planning Overview

When enabled, the Succession Planning Setup page allows the admins to define review periods and rating categories to make this feature geared to fit your needs in the company. These plans will be created at the end of the calendar year, and managers will be prompted and notified that they need to review these plans.

To learn more about how a manager would use the Succession Planning tool, click here.

One great way to incentivize managers to complete their Succession Planning is to offer a Sweetener. Click here to learn more about how Sweeteners work and how to set them up.

This page will explain each of the options you have when it comes to customizing how you want Succession Planning to look for your company in Motivosity.

Questions to Consider:

  • If a manager is working with an employee working towards a promotion, which labels should they use to track that?

  • If employees are not actively working towards a promotion, which labels should be used to track that?

On/Off Toggle

In order for the Succession Planning feature to be visible in the 'Manage' Tab, you will need to toggle ON the feature in Motivosity by heading to 'Setup' - 'Succession Planning' and turn it on. If you have the toggle OFF the feature will not populate in the 'Manage' Tab.

Plan Snapshots

A snapshot of each manager's plan will be automatically created at the end of each year. Managers will receive reminders to update their plans leading up to that date.


Invitations will be sent to managers to do review starting October 1st, or the first day of the period. This will happen for each review period. Action items will be created on opening day for each manager and will expire on the last grace period day.

During the open period, weekly reminders will be sent to the managers leading up to the closing day. They will proceed to get three reminders right before the grace period ends.

When it is time for a manager to review a succession plan for a team member, this is what their screen will look like (following the default settings as described below):


There are two categories of ratings: Active Plan and No Active Plan. Active Plan is when a team member is actively being prepared for a promotion. No Active Plan is when no development is taking place to prepare this person for a role beyond their current job title.

Default "Active Plan" Categories:

  • Ready (light blue color) - Identifying team members who are ‘Ready’...This person is ready to take on a role like this right now

  • In Progress (light green color) - Identifying team members who are ‘In Progress’... This person is getting ready for a role like this

Default "No Active Plan" Categories:

  • Needs Time (yellow color) - Identifying team members who are ‘Needs Time’...This person could have potential, but needs more experience before consideration

  • Not Interested (black color) - Identifying team members who are ‘Not Interested’...This person is happy in their current role and is not interested in additional responsibilities

  • Not Likely (light red color) - Identifying team members who are ‘Not Likely’...This person would not be a good fit for a role like this in the organization

The check mark on the right hand side of each rating lets you decide whether you'd like that rating visible in the rating interface of the Manage tab.

These ratings can be edited, or deleted, and you can add more ratings. You can also change the color for each rating by simply clicking on the colored circle and changing it to match what you'd like!

Please Note: A rating can be deleted or can be made inactive. Deleting a rating deletes historical data associated with that rating. Making a rating inactive just hides it from the rating interface and dashboards. The setup screen will still show inactive ratings.

Clicking the ‘Add Rating’ icon will create a new row that can be dragged into the correct place. You can drag ratings to reorganize them - including dragging between categories. When you click on the edit icon, the coaching editing modal appears. This allows the admin to set up their own coaching around how to identify people with the correct status.

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