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Succession Planning Overview

Understanding Succession planning in Motivosity

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*For users with the Manager Development add-on Only*

We're hoping that your succession planning is going a little better than Michael Scott's Party Planning Committee, if it is or not, we're here to help!

Succession planning, succession readiness, bench strength, and continuity planning are all synonyms for the same concept. Mainly, how ready are we to grow or to fill in gaps if we lose someone in the organization.

Succession planning gives managers two activities; 1) to update ratings and plans for their team members any time they want and 2) to submit a snapshot of their team's current succession plan according to company guidelines.

Succession Tab

Two sections will show once a manager clicks on the 'Succession' tab. One, Team Succession Plan Snapshot, and two, Individual Succession Ratings.

Team Succession Plan Snapshot

At the end of each calendar year, a snapshot will appear where a manager will submit a snapshot of their succession plan. As a manager, you will not need to change any previous ratings to submit your plan snapshot. If nothing has changed since the last plan, that is totally okay! In this case, the manager will just need to indicate that the action is done.

Once you have selected 'Finalize this plan' it will slide the plan snapshotover from the left and also complete the action item.

Please note, this section only appears when there is an active succession plan action item for the manager to finalize their plan. If there isn't an active item, then this section will not appear.

Reviewing Past Plans

If your plan has been finalized AND the current period is not over (eg. supposed someone finalizes their plan on December 15th), the dropdown will show 'Current Period'. Selecting that will slide the current snapshot back over and allow for editing and for the user to click 'Finalize' again.

If there is no history, the dropdown will say 'You have no past plans' inside the dropdown area.

Individual Succession Ratings


This area lists a manager's team. Clicking on a team member will show the rating interface. These ratings can be updated at any time.

There are three sections to the rating area, Succession Plan Status, Succession Planning history, and Supporting information.

Succession Plan Status

This area will show up to six ratings. Ratings appear grouped according to the two types of ratings that exist in setup. Active Plan and No Active Plan. These allow managers to make ratings for their direct reports for those that have an active succession plan and those that do not.

You can also add any rating to a direct report's 1 on 1 by selecting the 'Add to 1 on 1' button at any time. There is no need for a comment to be in place to add a rating to a 1 on 1. This will add a 1 on 1 item titled 'Succession Plan' with a note containing the rating label plus the contents of the comment box.

Please note, to review any rating item go ahead and click on the 'i'. This will display the coaching definitions that were created in the setup.

Succession Planning History

This area will display a history of a direct report's entire succession history. A history will still show if it came from a different manager. If this is the case, it will show the manager's name at the end with, "Submitted by [previous manager full name].

Supporting Information

The 12-month feedback and Influence score widgets are the same as in other places.

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