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An explanation on the Team Overview dashboard available to all managers within Motivosity.

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*For users with the Manager Development add-on Only*

Have you ever found yourself wanting to be a better manager? Well, this is the product you have been looking for! This is your own dashboard that contains high-level information for managers to understand what their key activities should be, how they are doing with those activities, and what their next logical steps should be.

The Team Overview tab consists of three major areas, which are: The Spider Graph, Key Activities, and Team Details.

The Spider Graph

The Spider Graph is an amazing tool for managers to help you understand where your strong points are and where there is a need for improvement. You'll notice the graph reaches certain sections where you are doing well! The graph also works with the Key Activities Browser and will show you how well you are doing in each of the five sections.

The graph will also change colors depending on how well you are doing in these areas. These colors should help give a more clear overview of where improvements are needed and give you an insight into what you are doing really well! The graph colors are light blue (score of 100 to 60), yellow (score of 59 to 30), and light read (score of 29 to 0).

You can also select any section of the Spider Graph to give you more insights into each of the five sections!

Key Activities Browser

The Key Activities Browser will work in conjunction with the Spider Graph. Each key activity or key information measure has a details panel (kind of like what we saw when we selected the different sections of the Spider Graph). You are able to access these panels by clicking on any of the lines for the different sections, or by clicking the buttons for the next/previous section at the bottom of the panel when it is opened.

You'll notice that there is a score assigned to each section. Each score is out of 100 points. This is what allows us to have a normalized manager score for trends. The actual scores come from the monthly calculations such as MAPPR and MFDBK multiplied by the point value for that activity. For example, doing 1 on 1's is worth 25 points. If a manager had a recent score of 40% (e.g. they had held 1 on 1's for 40% of their team in the previous month), they would get 10 points for that category.

For more information on the Spider Graph and the Key Activities Browser, check out this article here!

Team Details

As a manager, you now have a section that can tell you how every member of your team is doing! The Team Details section will show each of your direct reports. Each individual will have corresponding icons to the key activities section above. If you would like to know which icons correspond with what activities, go ahead and hover your mouse over one and we'll give you more details on what each of them means.

If you have someone on your team that is also a manager, you'll notice that they will have a dark blue circle around their picture rather than the typical grey circle we see on anyone else. For these individuals, you should see an "org" icon on their picture to see who they manage and a Spider Graph should also show up next to them as well to show how they are doing as a manager. If you would like to view how this individual is doing as a manager, you can click the "org" icon and this will take you to their team overview and all of the information will be shown as if that manager were looking at it themselves.

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