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Understanding Key Players in Motivosity

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*For users with the Manager Development add-on Only*


Before we get started, please make sure you have read and set up your Key Player Evaluation Period in the Setup here: Key Player Setup

Typically, companies have governance processes that want the company to have a reliable method for attributing value creation to key players in the organization. Often this exercise becomes confused with ‘performance management’ exercises, which are known to be awkward, confusing, brittle, and not trusted.

The Key Players function in Motivosity helps teams recognize and attribute value creation among team members in a simpler, more streamlined way.

Open Evaluations & Past Evaluations

When we first enter the Key Players tab, we will see if there is an active evaluation period. Again, please make sure that you have gone through and set up your Key Player evaluations here: Key Player Setup.

If there is an active evaluation period going, we should see something like this:

This should show us that there is an active evaluation period going on and when the closing date of that evaluation is.

You can also view past evaluations in the Looking for past Evaluations drop-down. If there are no previous evaluations, the drop-down should be greyed out with a notice that there is (No History Yet).

Selecting an Employee to Evaluate

This next section will show all of your direct reports. If the evaluation has been completed, then we should see a target score for that employee in their tile. If the evaluation has not been completed, we should see a grey circle with a ? on the inside. To start the evaluation or to edit an existing evaluation, go ahead and click on any of the tiles for one of your direct reports.

Once you have clicked on a tile, we should see a 12-week timeline for that employee of all their recent Giving, Receiving, Highlights, Notes, and 1 on 1s. You can hover over any of the colored dots in the timeline to get a review of what that recent activity was. This is great to get a view of what that employee has done in the past 12 weeks and how they have contributed to the success of your team.

Key Player Rating

This is where the evaluation is scored. When a manager clicks on a rating target, the rating is done. The manager can optionally add some commentary in the comments section below. When the rating is done, the color dot on the card in the team browser changes to the right color. A manager can change a rating at any time while the period is open.

Feedback Overview and Influence Score

The next chart to the right will show the previous feedback sessions for the selected employee. You can hover over any of the squares in this section and get a review of the previous feedback session. The employee will also be given an influence score. The influence score is calculated each month based on your position in the organization, as well as the past 90 days of interactions with your team and others. An employee can increase this score by giving or receiving appreciations, sharing highlights, giving feedback, and in many other ways!

Ratings From Peers

By default, the chart on the right will have all zeros. When a manager invites a team member to provide ratings, the ‘No response’ value will increment showing that someone has been invited to share their feedback on the specific employee but has not responded yet.

When a peer is invited, they will receive the peer invitation email and will receive an action item for review on their home page in Motivosity. The action item should expire 5 days before the grace period.

You may also select "Manage ratings from peers" below the chart to view who has given ratings and any comments they may have left when giving the rating. If a peer has not been invited to provide a rating, you will see an option to invite them here.

Please Note: Peer ratings will never be seen by the employee. This information is only available to the manager.

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