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See a summary of how managers are using the Manager Development tools in Motivosity.

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The manager overview report is a comprehensive summary designed to provide insights into key managerial performance metrics. Organizations must gauge the effectiveness of their managerial teams. The Manager Overview report offers a consolidated view of essential managerial metrics that encapsulate the manager's impact on employee engagement, professional development, and organizational goals.

To find this report go to Insights > Manager > Manager Overview

This report encompasses a holistic analysis of a manager's performance, featuring critical indicators such as the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), Appreciations, 1 on 1s, Priorities, Coaching, Succession Planning, Key Players, and Goal Attainment. Each of these components plays a vital role in shaping a manager's influence on their team and, consequently, the overall success of the organization. We'll be going over each column and what they represent:

We'll be going over each column and how the percentage is calculated:

  • Score - The manager rating is calculated by the average score of the following:

  • eNPS - The eNPS column represents the eNPS Score of the manager and is calculated by eNPS score of the manager's organization (promoters - detractors) for that given month percentage wise.

  • Appr (Appreciations) - Percentage of team coverage completion specifically for appreciations (for ex: 100% means the manager appreciated all of their direct reports for the month/depending on your filter).

  • 1 on 1 - Percentage of your team that received a 1 on 1 for the time period of the report.

  • Priorities - Percentage of your team that has an active priority for a specific time period.

  • Coaching - Percentage of your team that has received Coaching feedback.

  • Succession (Succession Planning) - Percentage of your team that has received Coaching feedback.

  • Key Players - Percentage of your team that has the Key Player ratings completed.

  • Goals - Percentage of your direct reports that have an active goal in place.

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