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Timed Trials General Overview

An overview for your Motivosity Timed Trial

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Timed Trials Overview

Whether you've initiated a timed trial for any add-on in Motivosity or are considering starting one, this article offers guidance and insights to help you kickstart your trial experience.

SPACES: If you are looking to try out our new Spaces feature, the process is a little bit different than what you see below. Click here to learn more about starting a Spaces timed trial.

How to Start a Trial in Motivosity

Step 1: Please head to Setup > Licensing and you'll find a section named 'Add-On Modules'. These will show which products you'd like to try! You may click to Learn More or go straight to Try For Free. In this example, we'll click Try For Free.

Step 2: Once you click Try For Free you'll be taken to a modal to start the trial.

Please Note: once you click Start trial the license will be added only for the user activating/clicking Start trial.

Step 3: Once you click Start trial you'll be taken to a page where we welcome you to your new trial add-on!

Congratulations you've started a trial!

Please Note: You still have to add users to the trial in the platform for them to gain access!

Before Adding Users to your Trial

When you are ready to try out your new add-on, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. We strongly recommend you keep the default settings for that add-on. The default settings match exactly what we use here at Motivosity and we think that will give you the best possible experience.

    • If you'd like to learn about the customizations that are available, please check out our Timed Trial Resources article.

  2. Before adding users, you will want to check your Sweeteners page. Sweeteners are ways that users can earn Motivosity Bucks by engaging with the product. These are turned on by default to really help engagement. Click here to learn more about how to customize your Sweeteners.

  3. Once you have checked the Sweeteners page, it's time to add your users to your trial! Follow the steps below.

How to Add Users to Your Trial

Once you feel good about your trial settings and have checked your sweeteners, it's time to add the users you want to participate in the trial! In the example below we will add users to the Manager Development trial.

Step 1: Head to Setup > Licensing > Click the tab of the trial you've activated and scroll down to the 'Trial' section.

Step 2: We highly recommend activating this trial for all users so we're going to click 'Add Company' near the right side of the page. Although, if you want to limit the fun we do have 'Import' or 'Add Users' as an option as well where you can selectively choose who gains access to the trial.

Step 3: Once you click 'Add Company' you'll find all your users have been added to the trial! In this case the company "Matt's Park" has been added to the trial.

Once you've added the users you want to participate in your trial, they will receive a walkthrough on their next login welcoming them to the trial and showing them around with their new features. We have walkthroughs enabled based on basic end-users and manager specific features.

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