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Sharing a Highlight

How to share a highlight in Motivosity.

Updated over a week ago

Highlights are a fun way to add an image to a public form of praise. Highlights are also a great way to celebrate a team, event, or a certain individual. Imagine a group of new hires starts, you can take a picture and announce who they all are via a highlight. You also could snap a picture of that team pizza lunch you had and celebrate the fact that Peter ate 10 slices by himself!

Disclaimer: Our highlights post in the landscape orientation. Keep this in mind when taking pictures to post in Motivosity or prepare to crop the photo accordingly.

On the top of the home page select "Share a Highlight"

  • Add your highlight text.

  • Add a link if you want to reference a webpage, video, etc.

  • Upload an image.

The image should downsize to fit the appropriate section of the platform or will have you crop the image to fit the allotted landscape orientation space. If the image is not loading I would try downsizing or trying a different version of the image. For example, you can try taking a screenshot of the image and re-uploading the screenshot as the image to use, which has been a useful tip we have seen as well. Due to the metadata of the image, this could be a reason it is not uploading or is uploading sideways on the platform when uploaded.

Examples of great highlights: Awesome customer reviews, individual work successes, team/department/company goals met or exceeded, and other great things happening around the office or workplace.

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