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Communication Preferences

Understand how to better configure your notifications you get from Motivosity.

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There’s a hard line between too many emails and maybe not enough! We try our best to provide you with what’s new at Motivosity, and keep the thank you’s flowing and in the spotlight! Everyone is different and maybe it’s a little too much for you, or you’d like more information.

View Communication Preferences

Select your profile near the top right of the home page.

Click 'Communications'.

Once you click 'Communications' you'll be brought to Communication Preferences.

Here you can make changes and customize your preferences.


Control the personal notifications you prefer sent! This includes the following in the image below:

Around Me

Around me notifications are mainly for what's happening around you! Birthday? Anniversaries? Be in the loop for new happenings in the platform (new hires, appreciations, highlights, etc.)


Notices focus on reminding users to participate in the platform. This includes sharing a highlight, taking a survey, or reminding the user to give all their Motivosity bucks for the month.


Responsibilities mainly lay out 'to dos' in the platform that need action by the user. This includes Awards, Orders, Meetings, Surveys, etc.


Administrative preferences is viewable only for users who have 'Admin' access.

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