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Peer to Peer Giving

Allocate monthly dollars to your employees that can only be given to others through appreciations.

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The Peer to Peer Setup page is where you will decide how much Giving Money each of your employees will get each month. This will happen by setting some base "Monthly Allocations" for your employees and managers, OR you can set up some special giving rules to customize how much an individual will get.

Questions to Consider:

Monthly Allocations

Monthly Peer-to-Peer Bonus Amount

This is the amount that every user (unless you set up a Special Giving Rule that says otherwise) will get on the first of every month. The screenshot shows that each user will get $5 each month to give away through appreciations.

Additional Bonus Amount per Direct Report

If you would like to give managers additional giving on top of the monthly bonus amount you can do this here. It will be off of a direct report basis, meaning if you type $1 in this box, then each manager will get an additional $1 for every user that reports to them based off the org chart.

For example, April has 2 people that report to her in the org chart, so she would get an additional dollar for each of these 2 people plus her $5 monthly giving bonus. With April's additional bonuses per direct report she will get $7 bucks each month ($5 monthly, $2 for direct reports).

Leslie, on the other hand, would get $10, ($5 for Monthly, and $5 for the 5 direct reports).

Special Giving Rules

Special Overrides is where you go if you need to give a user more giving money each month. The amount you put in will be the amount that is put into the users giving balance on the first of every month. In the screenshot below you can see that Ron is getting $25 a month for giving to his trusty Pawnee Rangers.

Check out this article that goes in-depth on Special Giving Rules.

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