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Adding new team members to Motivosity
Adding new team members to Motivosity

Here is an overview of some of the ways you can add new employees into the platform

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Note: The best way to manage your org chart is through an integration that syncs all employees automatically. This article covers only adding people one at a time, which isn't a very scalable method. It can also be overridden by automatic syncs, so be careful there.


Got a new employee who is ready to jump in and start recognizing their peers in Motivosity? You're probably wondering how to add them as a user! Well, we've got your back and this article should help walk you through the steps to get that done!

When using Motivosity to add a new user, simply go to Setup > Team from there you'll see the 'Team' page and click 'Add Team Member'.

Then fill out the information:

***Notice that you can give a user various "Admin" permissions on this page (. Descriptions about those permissions are shown on the "Information" panel on the right-hand side of this box.***

Remember that you can allow users to upload (or restrict users from uploading) their own profile picture by going to Setup> Preferences and then scrolling down to User Profiles.

Don't forget to select 'Save' at the end!


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